I’m already on my way back to Boston from Los Angeles. I have been out here for an entire week and it flew by as usual! I’m shooting a series of videos for an upcoming project.

IMG 9211

As a blogger, I get sent different clothing items to try out. For my shoot though, I wanted to wear items that I bought, were my style and felt confident wearing. I learned that Lululemon still has pants that are see-through and Lorna Jane is damn expensive and has a terrible return policy in my search for the perfect outfits.

IMG 9202

Even with tags still on and within 21 days, you cannot return something purchased from Lorna Jane for your money back – just store credit. I did not realize this when I bought a bunch of clothing last month. As for lulu, I tried on 4 different pairs of pants and only ONE did not appear to have a sheer booty. I thought they fixed this, right?

I did fall in love with the one pair that was not see-through. The thick waist band was really flattering and the fit was comfortable. Below I am wearing a Lorna Jane top that I bought with my store credit and new favorite lulu Capri’s – with my best Kim K #selfie expression. The capris have a black waist band and preppy geometrical print. Of course I can’t find them online now!

IMG 9203

A product that I tried for the first time and loved was Loving Tan, a self tanner. You look leaner and your muscles really pop with a good tan, so I used one layer of Loving Tan’s mousse all over my body.  This product was sent to me to try out, but I was shocked at how fantastic it came out! Easy to put on, no streaks, totally realistic color without any orange. The crew had no idea it wasn’t real.

IMG 9213

During the three day shoot, we grabbed lunch from near by Urth Cafe and Kreation Organic Juice Kafe. Typing the names, I have to laugh at the spelling. I love LA but they do seem to enjoy having “different” names from babies to restaurants, I guess.

IMG 0247

At Kreation, I tried the Gazpacho soup and Amaze-bowl. Both were delicious but the Gazpacho was outstanding. The bowl was a basic green smoothie with fruit and gluten free granola. Of course it tasted great, but nothing I can’t recreate on my own.

IMG 0252

After the third day of shooting wrapped, I decided to grab a juice and box of macaroons from ‘lette in Beverly Hills. This is my life: Fitness, juice aka “weird” healthy food and treats.

IMG 0254

The salted caramel, coconut and almond were my favorite flavors! I die for macaroons so these were the perfect celebration treat to finish 3 days of hard work.

You might think I’m crazy, but I’m excited to return home to the Snowpocolypse that Boston has apparently become. I’m excited for a snowy weekend watching House of Cards on Netflix, of course after my long training run which will probably be terrible.

For Valentine’s Day, Roomie and I are attempting to go to one of my favorite new restaurants in Cambridge but we will see if the snowy weather permits! What are your weekend plans?

Lulu’s are Still See-Through and Other LA Ramblings

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  • Mary Kate

    So strange how Lorna Jane has such a weird return policy! Love the outfit you ended up getting though, looks awesome! I’ve gotta get out to LA to see what everyone keeps talking about!

  • Emma @ Life's A Runner

    I feel like it is almost impossible to find leggings that are not see-through lately! I tried on 5+ gorgeous Nike crops and every single one of them was sheer. Gross. Good luck on your run! The cozy feeling after a cold / hard run is 1000x better than an easy one. 🙂

  • Carol

    Oh I learned about Lorna Jane also the hard way! I purchased two tanks and was told that they won’t shrink and as buying that I couldn’t return. So on first wash the print “melted” off the fabric. Not impressed. And Lululemon is just so pricey. I honestly like Fabletics but I buy a lot of clothes so a monthly purchase is no big deal to me and I supposed I could skip but so far…my buying habits have not needed lol.

  • Viviana

    I have returned things at Lulu and they did not give me my money back even within 21 days! Not sure how that works! As for Lorna Jane, I know it’s a sucky policy but I really never needed to return anything. Except when I went overboard and regretted spending too much money. Would have helped to get a refund then!

    As for the reader who had a bad experience with the tanks, did you wash them on cold? If you purchased the inspirational tanks, I agree they are not the best of the best but that never happened to me. They always issue a card with lengthy instructions how how to wash things and so far I never had issues.

    LJ is more expensive than Lulu but really not that much. I mean most Lulu pants are $75-90. I feel $89 for pants is A LOT too, but they are truly amazing quality and never see-through (in my experience). LJ also has a ton more sales than Lulu and they always hook you up with gifts with purchase. Anyways, I love Athleta too, I need to shop there more! Fabletics has been hit or miss.

    • Carol

      Yes I washed on cold but the dryer killed it. One did fine but the other that was my fav about working out for chocolate melted (oh so apropos!) I didn’t get a card on how to wash/dry sadly. Live and learn!

  • Leah

    I own a few pair of YOGASMOGA pants, which I was told about by a saleswoman in Lululemon. They’re definitely opaque and very flattering, but I feel like I have to pull them up a lot. That’s not uncommon for me though -- I think I just have a weird body! I recommend them otherwise!

  • Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

    Workout wear is all very expensive, if you ask me. Yet I need so much of it being in the fitness industry. I’m with you that I eat super-weird healthy foods and a lot of treats. You need balance, right? Glad you’re heading home. Enjoy House of Cards! Such a good show!

  • Lauren

    LJ has really cute colorful stuff but it’s so expensive as well. I love certain Lulu pieces-definitely have to try things on though! Also thanks for the tanner recommendatino.

  • Darcy

    I will only buy tops from Lululemon but never bottoms. I got turned onto Fabletics and LOVELOVELOVE their Salar capris. They are great (I use them for running) and pretty thick while staying soft. The material is awesome. They are pretty reasonably priced and come in a zillion colors. Check them out…

  • Robyn

    Which ones at Lulu are your new favorites? I’m looking for some, but the link just brings to all of the capri styles. Thanks!

  • Alysha @ Love, Alysha

    Sarah, you look amazing! I can’t wait to see whatever you’ve been working on! I think the pants you’re wearing are the In The Flow crops in “heathered deep coal.” I own a pair of those crops as well and they are seriously incredible. My tip when it comes to Lulu Lemon: anything listed as “full-on” something or other is comfy but thin. Stick with the originals, like the basic Wunder Unders, no fanciness -- they’re the best! Have a great week!

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