Meal prepping is one of the keys to weight loss success. It takes the guess work out of what to make for dinner. If you are short on time, it avoids grabbing takeout with lackluster nutrition. It’s also cost and time effective. The main reason we don’t meal prep is because we are lazy when it comes to preparing what to buy and make. 

This video features one of the most simple dinners you can make for weight maintenance and success. If you are already meal prepping, it is nothing ground breaking but it is a helpful reminder at how easy it can be. 

Yes, this menu is simple but it works for me. I can remember to buy the ingredients. It doesn’t take a ton of time to make and I don’t need a recipe card in front of me. I like to top the chicken with avocado and whole grain dijon mustard mashed together. 

What is your go to meal prep dinner solution? 

Meal Prep Dinner Idea 101

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  • Cassie

    Eggs with any vegetables I have in the fridge. The possibilities are endless—omelets, frittatas, steamed veggies with poached eggs, you name it! And it’s the best meal ever <3

  • angelica

    Hi Sarah! Random question for you… what is your favorite (and healthy / natural) brunch spot in the south end or back bay area?

    • Sarah

      ugh -- my biggest dilemma! While I haven’t been there for brunch, I’ve heard South End Buttery is great -- make a res. I like Aquitaine too because you can make reservations and it’s affordable. The only place that has “healthy” ish options is Trident Cafe on Newbury. They have juice -- but always seem to be out of the one I order -- but have lots of veg options and is great for meat eaters too. It isn’t “low calorie” but they have more natural/organic options than most. Surprisingly Met bar is pretty good too. I like their salads at brunch and they have great bloody mary’s.

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