Marathon Weekend Celebrity Meetings

One perk to living in Boston and not running the marathon this weekend is getting to take part in all the fun events and not have to worry about saving my energy for Monday.

On Friday, I was able to attend a small luncheon with Meb Keflezighi at Grill 23. Hosted by KT Tape, we were invited to ask Meb about his upcoming Olympic training and historic Boston win in 2014.

Sarah Fit and Meb

First, he is amazingly approachable and friendly. I guess I expected as much but it’s always nice to learn first hand how gracious great athletes are in person. His retelling of the story of how he won the Boston marathon the year after the bombing was touching and incredibly well told. While he was planning on London being his last Olympics, the events of Sandy and then the bombing he said helped prolong his career because he felt the need to keep coming back.

He intended to do something in 2014 at the sites of the bombings on the homestretch but when he found himself in the lead, obviously, significance of being the first American to win since 1983 kept him focused on crossing the finish line first. He did write the victims’ names on his bib which provided extra motivation towards the end of the race.

I asked him about the Zika concern in Rio for the female team members. He said that while it was a concern, the Olympics are a once in a lifetime experience for most and that some of the ladies had recently been to Brazil including Shalane Flanagan (a hometown favorite). I would personally be freaked out…

He also shared some of his favorite tunes while running on his own which included “New York” but Jay-Z and Alicia Keys as well as Eminem and Michael Jackson tracks.

Grill 23 Lobster Avocado Toast

I ordered a fancy avocado toast with lobster salad on top while learning about KT Tape. I’ve obviously seen it on athletes like Meb and Kerri Walsh, but didn’t realized it provided pain relief and support, something I could have used during both my marathons and training periods.

Did you know you can wear it for up to 7-8 days?

Meb Eats Cake

Lastly, we all ordered dessert and Meb fully enjoyed at least half of his chocolate cake. The lean runner eats around 3000 calories a day. I ate half of my creme brulee.

Afterwards, I headed to the expo with Tommy. Nick watched him while I had lunch. We visited our friends at KT Tape to learn how to fix my right leg and the stopped by Uvero, a company that makes custom ear buds that cancel out noise. They help keep your headphones in place so that they don’t fall out and fit comfortably. You can put their ear buds over your current headphone set, too.

Uvero customized Ear buds

I’m excited to get my pair and share with you guys how well they work.

Saturday morning, I went on a 9 mile run in preparation for the half marathon. Later in the day I was scheduled to visit the Puma store for a workout with Julian Edelman, the cute Patriots player. It was actually led by my Barry’s Bootcamp boss, Brian Weller who is fantastic. I heard it would not be a typical Barry’s ass kicking which is why I chose to do my long run before.

Julian came in and was more of a funny sidekick to Brian’s class. He is a charmer and a flirt for sure. Tommy came too with Nick. After the workout, I got a picture of the two of us with the Patriots star. Julian Edelman Tommy Sarah Fit

I’ve never worn Puma sneakers before, but I loved the Pulse XT Core Women’s Training shoe I wore for the workout as well as the PWRSHAPE bra. It was really supportive, flattering and comfortable. I shared them both on my SnapChat earlier in the week (@officialsFit).

Finish Line with TOmmy

On Sunday, we walked around the city as it was really warm outside! We took a few pictures at the finish line to remember how Tommy and I ran the race together last year. I didn’t know it yet but I was pregnant when I finished last year’s race – I found out two weeks later in Budapest.

We put the medal around his head and of course we wasn’t feeling it. I felt bad because it was close to time for him to eat again so after a couple attempts we came home.

We are heading to the finish line later today as I live less than a half mile away. Am I nervous at all about the terror threats and stuff, yes, but am I going to stay inside on this wonderful Spring day? No. I can’t live my life in fear of what might happen and while I do worry, I try hard not to let those feelings effect my actions for Tommy. He’s not going to be a bubble boy and I’m not going to be an overprotective parents – although I totally have mama bear tendencies already. We will be inside at the New Balance viewing party which is inside overlooking the finish line so I personally feel like is safe for the both of us.

On a separate note, I’m so excited for the runners and sooooo jealous of the weather they have for race day, as well as the weather they had for their training. I wonder if watching the charity runners tear up as they cross the finish line will have me wanting to get back out there…


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