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I came down to the Cape with Nick on June 30th and I still haven’t left! I’m currently staying at my mom’s.

It’s been so nice having family around to help with Tommy and while we miss Nick who is working back in Boston during the week, he isn’t home during the day. Having another pair of hands is so incredibly helpful even if it is just 2 minutes here and there.

Tommy The Shark

I feel like I’m getting a dose of what life living in suburbia might be like with the addition of help. It’s nice not having to collapse my stroller and bring it up a small flight of stairs each time I use it. It’s also great having lots of space for Tommy to crawl around.

The main thing that has been harder here is getting quick errands done because it means putting Tommy in his car seat, and then into the stroller and back into the car seat. They no longer are “quick.” In the city, I you put the kid in the stroller and go! No transfers. It’s easy to run into a store to grab something fast as long as there are no stairs and the aisles are wide enough for us. The car seat plus my 22 lb child gets heavy even to just run into a cafe to grab a coffee or sandwich.

I also really miss my fitness classes! There are no studios like we have up in Boston with the exception of a few yoga studios in mid Cape and those do not have child care.

So… since I’ve been down, I’ve been running with Tommy in the jogging stroller, doing a 3.75 mile loop.

Running with Tommy

I alternate between running and strength workouts. I set up a little area outside with a yoga mat and pair of dumbbells. Sometimes Tommy sleeps during them in his car seat in the stroller, other times my mom is kind enough to watch him so I make sure they are short.

At first, I tried a few of the Nike Training Club workouts and honestly don’t like the new app! I like the old workouts better. Now, most workouts are rep based and you have to manually check off each move once it’s been completed. This is a pain and slows down the workouts so much. After three so-so workouts, I decided to try something new.

post workout selfie

I did a few of my workouts from the SFit Gym which are really hard but I didn’t want to workout to a video outside in the sun. I also created my own workouts and shared them on SnapChat. Follow me @OfficialSFit to get some of them when I post ’em.

Finally, I decided to finally try the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide workouts. I did the first week of workouts and have mixed reviews. The first lower body and cardio one was good. I was sore 48 hours after the workout in a good way and wasn’t uncomfortable. The abs and arms were frustrating. The arms weren’t hard enough and the abs were all sit ups. I thought we all decided sit ups weren’t a good exercise?

I modified the ab moves to make them postpartum friendly but I would NOT recommend this workout to someone who is newly postpartum. The ab moves really just were not safe and they seem to be everywhere when I look at future workouts.

I do like how the workouts are structured, I just am not a fan of the all the moves. You get 4 moves with said reps that you’re supposed to do as many rounds of in 7 minutes, take a 1 minute break and repeat. After two rounds or 15 minutes, you get 4 new moves to repeat for two 7 minute rounds again. You pretty much end up doing 4 sets of the moves total during the 15 minutes with a one minute break in the middle. The workout takes a little over a half hour which is perfect is length for Tommy’s naps.

I’ll report back again once I’ve done a few more as I’ve only done 4.

Tommy and I are heading back up to Boston this week and we can’t wait to visit our favorite studios with childcare! I think this city boy misses his friends and playgrounds… but first, how about that weekend forecast 🙂


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