5 New Summer Obsessions You Should Try Now!

I love a good lazy stroll through the grocery store to check out the latest products however, those days are gone. It takes me a little longer to discover new products and here today, I’m sharing my favorites so you don’t have to wonder if these are good when you see them on shelves. This new haul is on point and I’m obsessed with the 5 foods featured, plus one product!

  1. Sabra Veggie Fusions Guacamole
  2. Way Better Sweet Potato Sprouted Tortilla Chips
  3. Ezekial 4:9 Sprouted Grain Waffles
  4. Perfectly Free Frozen Treats
  5. Yasso Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Sticks
  6. S’well Water Bottles

Watch my newest video below for full reviews on these products and why I love them so much.

I bought them all at my local Stop & Shop which is part of Albertsons so you probably have a similar grocery store near by 😉

*This is not sponsored. I bought all products at the grocery store except for the S’well water bottle which  I mention in the video.

5 New Summer Obsessions You Should Try Now!

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  • Sara @ saralouyoga

    Ahhh totally drooling over those waffles with blueberries right now…

    too bad I feel super sick and am taking it easy today with some warm lemon water to help me out…will need to try some of these when I get out of this funk!

  • Karly K

    I saw the Sabra guac when shopping on Monday & almost bought it. I’ll have to pick one up next week for sure! I love these lists -- as a fellow new mama (3 months old!) I totally miss those long grocery trips browsing the aisles. (PS Stop & Shop is Ahold, not Albertsons 😉

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