Health Starts Here: Meals and Workouts on The Go

Since I am a nomad without a kitchen, most of my meals have been premade. I tried Hail Caesar Shaker from Whole Foods yesterday for lunch. This was my second shaker from the “Health Starts Here” line. At a conference this past fall, I found out that the Whole Foods diet is anti olive oil and minimal in animal products. For this reason, the dressing was vegan and oil-free. It included tofu, carrots, corn, romaine lettuce and wheat berries. It did not taste amazing, but was filling. It was about 240 calories for the whole thing. Have you tried any of the Health Starts Here products? Which ones did you like?
Hail Caesar Shaker Whole Foods

I grabbed a Greek yogurt at the store for breakfast this morning. Thankfully my mother had some blueberries in the house and Attune Foods’ Uncle Sam cereal, which is like a sugar free granola. I added a tablespoon into the mix for crunch as well as a packet of NuNaturals stevia.2012 08 30 10 45 22

After breakfast, I put on my new Polar Heart Rate monitor to go grab a coffee on my beach bike. The heart rate monitor has a cycling setting which I don’t think I utilized to the fullest. The coffee shop is about a mile from my mom’s house so it took no time to get there. Half of the ride is however very up hill making for a max heart rate at 168!2012 08 30 13 04 29I brought my lap top to the shop to finish some work outside the house. I headed back once I was done my iced coffee with almond milk.
2012 08 30 15 02 15

When I got home, I realized the coffee had really given me a jolt, much more than usual. Knowing myself, I decided to get in my workout while I was full of energy. I selected the Stinger workout on the Nike Training Club app. A moderately intense “toning” routine that was 45 minutes long, had me sweaty and spent! I burned about 430 calories during my 45 minute workout.2012 08 29 12 22 00

Later in the day, I snacked on a new flavor from the line of Luna Fiber bars, Strawberry Peanut Butter. I did not like it as much as the Vanilla Blueberry but it was still delicious. I know they are not the most nutritious bars but they taste great, have enough vitamins and nutrients in them that they are not complete empty calories and they fill me up on 110 calories, a rarity for snack time. Luna Fiber Bar Peanut Butter

I’m excited to not be a nomad and be able to go back to my typical snacks of carrots and hummus, Laughing Cow Mini Babybels, Apples and such.

Are you familiar with the Health Starts Here diet from the experts at Whole Foods? It’s pretty different than what you might think and worth a look in my opinion. I don’t use extra virgin olive oil very often except when it’s already in my dressings or using it to saute veggies. I like how it makes you think outside the box for dressings and marinades!

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