Men’s Health Urbanathlon Chicago 2011 Race Recap

One of the main reasons I loved Chicago so much was it’s walkability and the social scene.  From amazing restaurants to the bars with good music and well dressed people without being snotty or clubby, this is my kind of city.

After dinner on Saturday, my friend Andrea brought roomie and I to a couple bars that were exactly what we were looking for.  We first stopped by the Hubbard Inn and then made our way to Rockit Bar and Grill.  I loved the atmosphere of Hubbard Inn but loved the music videos slightly more at Rockit Bar and Grill.  The DJ was amazing, and I couldn’t stop dancing in the booth I was sitting in.  I survived until 1 am (I got up at 6 and ran 10 miles don’t forget!).

Sunday morning we checked out of our hotel, leaving out bags and headed toward the Hancock Tower for a scenic view above the city.  We avoided paying to go up, and simply ordered bloody marys once we got to the bar on top.  The drink was not good but the view was worth it and we saved a few bucks. 

Chicago is known for their deep dish pizza.  I am not a deep dish pizza kinda of gal but decided this was one of those times, I’m suppose to indulge.  We went to Nick Maltanti’s and got their signature salad and a small deep dish with sausage and extra sauce.  It was really good but I don’t think I need to have it ever again.  I’m not a deep dish person and personally I would have just gotten the veggies if I wasn’t sharing with a hungry male.

Afterwards we went back to the hotel to get our bags and they accidentally gave one of mine to a group of college students!  It had my camera, heart rate monitor, very nice pair of shoes, sneakers, my medal from the Urbanathlon and the rest of my clothes.  I still do not have it and the Chicago Hard Rock better make sure I do get it back or else I’m going to be one unhappy lady.

So why didn’t I mention the race in this post?  Because I went into very specific details over on Crushing The Course!  There were a few obstacles that were really hard and a few that I surprisingly killed thanks to my days as a high school hurdler.  Not going to lie, but the bear crawl was also very handy.  If you are running the Urb in NYC or SF, make sure you read my post for tips on how to crush the course yourself!

Are you running in NYC or SF?  I decided to run the one in NYC in full and SF as a relay.  I would love to meet you if you are.  Let me know down below and hopefully we can meet after the race for a beer or G Series Fit Recover 🙂

Also, if you are a YouTube Partner like me and mainly produce fitness videos, you will not want to miss this opportunity of winning $4K worth of equipment and $10K in promotions on YouTube!

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