As a full-time YouTuber, of course I had to bring my Flip cam with me during the Urbanathlon.  I still have not received my bag with my digital camera (tear) but wanted to go ahead and publish this video using a few pictures from others who snapped shots.  Watch me fly over the last giant wall and what you can expect if you think you might want to run in San Fran or New York!

Yesterday would have been perfect if I had my digital camera.  During the day, I was invited to attend a yoga class at my Equinox as part of an event put on by Stonyfield.  I love Stoneyfield yogurt and was happy to attend even though one of the perks of attending was a week-long free membership to the Back Bay Equinox, to which I already belong.  If you leave a comment below and would like the free week pass, let me know.  I choose a winner randomly tomorrow morning.  I was so excited to see the Boston Healthy Living Blogger friends Elizabeth, Bridget, Tina and new blogger I had not met yet, Elina.  (Special thank you to Tina from for the image! I should have know with Blogger Events, come lots of pictures. I need some serious make up and hair help below).

After 15-minute of Yoga, we were treated to organic greek yogurt and a quick talk from the Stonyfield Nutritionist on Sports Nutrition.  I love greek yogurt and cannot say enough about it.  Unless you are lactose intolerant, it is something that should be on your grocery list.  In our “Thank You For Coming Goodie Bags” we received free coupons for the new Oikos Frozen Yogurt (Oikos is owned by Stonyfield).  Fro-yo with protein!? I am so excited to try this new product. 

Afterwards, I went to the City Sports on Boylston Street to check out their new women’s section which looked like I was in a Lululemon store rather than the old City Sports! I don’t mind at all, in fact, I loved it!

 I went because they were debuting the layout and had Moving Comfort reps on hand.  Moving Comfort makes high impact bras for women with larger chests.  I was fitted for a running bra and found that I was a 32-D in the Fiona style.

It has adjustable straps making for a snug and comfortable fit.  I’m super excited to test it out.  I noticed that Nike did not have any bras in the High Impact section of products.  I was informed that they don’t really make a high impact for women with larger boobs.

Interesting.  I tend to buy a size down and feel suffocated when I purchase brands that do not cater to my love for running.  I’m very excited about the Motion Comfort bra.  If you have a City Sports near you, they will be revamping their women’s sections to look similar to this complete with an interactive area for bra selection.

When I left I also got some pretty awesome headbands and neon running long-sleeve shirt that matches my leg sleeves perfectly! I can’t wait to wear it for the NYC Urbanathlon!

I Ran 10-miles With My Video Camera!

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