Mommy and Me Workout + Half Marathon Training Update

This past weekend, I was able to run 8.5 miles on Saturday. This was a huge accomplishment and also accidental. GNC has been supporting my half marathon training and it’s paying off. I wanted to run between 7 and 8 miles but took a longer loop and had to run an extra half mile. This was 1.5 miles farther than my previous long run.

Fitting In My Training Runs

I was nervous about fitting in training runs but I know I can count on being able to run on the weekends while Nick watches Tommy. I’ve also been able to get in one 5-6 mile run during the week thanks to Grandparents being in town! I’d say training is going well and my breastfeeding supply is finally regulating itself. I didn’t have to pump after feeding him Wednesday morning before my 5 mile run.

8mile run

Normally during the week, unless there is a class with childcare, I’m working out at home. Now that T is awake more often, I like to incorporate him in with my workouts. He likes the movement and entertainment and I get 15 lb dumbbell.

Mommy and Me Side Plank

Below is a video demonstrating the cross training workout that I do on the days I’m not running and working out at home with Tommy. If he’s taking a nap when it’s time to workout, I usually do an SFit workout.

As soon as I finish my cross training workouts, I make sure that I drink a smoothie or have some protein in one form or another. The easiest way is to just have a good quality protein powder with almond milk in a blender bottle. It’s just so much easier than making a smoothie and then having to clean my blender when I’m home alone with Tommy. My favorite protein powder that tastes delicious with just almond milk is the Vega® Sport Performance Protein in Vanilla.

I’ve been keeping track of my macro-nutrients (not dieting) and have noticed I’m always low on my protein needs. Depending on your weight, activity levels and goals, your needs are probably different than mine. If you’re curious what your needs are, you can calculate them here and learn about what multi vitamins or Omega-3s are best for you.

If you want to try out my favorite protein powder or other supplements, my friends at GNC are giving you guys $5 off your purchase of $25 or more. Just use code 29160 at check out. This code is valid until June 30th.

This post is sponsored by my friends at GNC.


Mommy and Me Workout + Half Marathon Training Update

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