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The next Boston studio to be reviewed on my ClassPass tour is Bar Method. My long time readers might remember that, I was a member of Bar Method for over a year before I started teaching at Barry’s Bootcamp in the fall of 2013.

I was always a runner and lifter but wanted to try something different. It was the first barre studio to come to town and I paid about $185 a month to go 5 times a week. I loved it but grew to miss other cardio classes and lifting heavy weights. I couldn’t justify spending even more money to workout so I stopped going in the Spring of 2013. When I saw that they joined ClassPass this Winter I was super excited to go back.

While my dad was visiting, I went to a 12pm class in the Back Bay that was sold out! I made sure I got to take a class with McKenzie one of the owners and hardest instructors.

My favorite part about Bar Method is the structure of the class. It starts with a quick warm up, then moves on to arms. Weights used are light but even with 3 lb dumbbells, my arms are always dying. First are shoulders and biceps, then triceps and lastly push ups – a lot of push ups. I think we did like 40!? I was on my knees for these.

IMG 2134

By the end, each muscle group should feel like it is burned out. If it is not, usually it is your fault for grabbing too light of weights or not challenging yourself (like dropping to your knees too soon for pushups). After a quick little arm stretch, we put away our weights and grab a spot at the bar for thigh work.

The legs are the hardest part of a barre class for me. Even using just my bodyweight, my legs are always shaking uncontrollably. The instructors at Bar Method like to know everyone by name so if it is your first class and they are giving you instructions, it’s nothing personal, just their style. They will help correct your form so that you really feel the burn.

There are three sets of thigh exercises and my thighs were on fire by the end. This is my favorite part of class because I know I’m done the hardest sequence for me! After a few stretches, you then move on to seat work, aka, your butt. We did pretzel with the little dodgeball. Again, your ass is fire and you can’t wait until it’s over but it burns so good.

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Next is some seated work with your back against the wall that works legs and core. These have always been my least favorite because I have tight hip flexors and it’s not the most comfortable. You always do a few more pushups at the end of these two sequences and then you move onto abs. The ab exercises are all done on your back with should blades off the ground but never fully crunching all the way up.

Lastly, you lie down on your back in a bridge position for a round of back dancing which is really just bridge pulses to the beat of the music, another one of my favorite parts of class.

All the moves are done to the beat of the music on tempo or slower. I hate classes that have you move at a speed that doesn’t allow you to have proper form. I’m not a dancer and I never can keep up. The only fast movements come at the end with back dancing with is fun because it’s like you are almost tweaking. You also can really feel what muscle you are supposed to be working. The instructors are very hands on with form and really want you to get it right. I appreciate the effort that McKenzie puts into each student getting a good, effective and safe workout. She also was always ready with a modification for a pregnant or beginner student.

I was totally sore the next day and loved being back at The Bar Method. Their sequences are unique in that they know how to effectively burn out a muscle group and stretch it before moving on. They now have multiple studios in and around the city that are all on ClassPass and I highly recommend trying a class is you are new to barre workouts or looking for a low impact workout.

They currently do not have child care at the Boston locations but they do in Hingham!

I am a ClassPass ambassador. You can get $25 off your first month of an unlimited membership using my link here. As a heads up, I get a credit towards my own membership when you use it. 

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