5 Surprising Ways To Nutritiously Satisfy A Sweet Tooth After Dinner

I’ve always had a sweet tooth but I believe I’ve trained myself to want something sweet after I eat a meal. I wish I hadn’t and I’ve tried too many times to count to train myself to NOT want sugar after dinner but it’s easier said than done. Instead, I’ve found surprisingly healthy ways to satisfy my sweet tooth every night and not consume 300+ empty calories of ice cream or cookies.

#1. Spoonful of no sugar added nut butter

The key here is portion control and buying the natural variety without any added sweetener. Nut butters are incredibly calorie and nutrient dense. One of my favorites is coconut butter which tastes like frosting to me. The heart healthy fats help you feel full and without spiking your blood sugar causing you to want more.

#2. Greek Yogurt like Chobani Simply 100 Crunch

I love this new addition to the Chobani Simply 100 line. It’s only 100 calories and not really enough for me for breakfast but perfect as a portion controlled high protein dessert. The new Blueberry Cookie Crumble is my favorite flavor as I love dried blueberries and cookies of course. If I keep track of my calories during the day too, I usually find I’m low on protein so this helps meet my breastfeeding needs. Each serving has 10g of protein and just 7g of sugar. It is sweetened with stevia to keep sugar low and free of artificial sweeteners. You can learn more about the other flavors at TheLightThatsRight.com.
Chobani Crunch

Chobani Crunch 100

#3. Protein Pancake

Yes, this is another breakfast for dessert option but like I mentioned above, often I find I’m low on protein and having a protein rich dessert is a great way to meet my calorie needs while satisfying a sweet tooth. I love this Chocolate PB pancake recipe and while it takes a little bit of time to make, it is easy and portion controlled unlike baking a batch of brownies. Use chocolate protein powder or vanilla and add your own twist.

Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

#4. Frozen Fruit

Boring, I know but the reason why I’m putting this on the list because I always stock up on frozen mango and bananas. With the mango, I let it thaw and eat it as is. If you read my blog, you know I love mango and this is one of my favorite treats. I use the frozen banana to make banana soft serve which is amazing if you haven’t tried it. It tastes like ice cream minus the sugar and fat.

#5. Milk Shake

Ok, so this one was something I LOVED when I was pregnant. I craved milk shakes but I knew I couldn’t have them every day. Instead, I had my own healthier version daily. Yep. I would buy the expensive nut milks at the juice bar or grocery store and enjoy sans juice cleanse. They are incredibly sweet but also calorie dense so I would mix them with regular unsweetened almond milk you buy at the grocery store that is like 30 calories per cup. To save money and make my own though, I’d blend together unsweetened vanilla almond milk with a couple dates, half a frozen banana, couple of actual whole almonds and some ice cubes. I sometimes would just buy the sweetened almond milk too by the carton because those 20 calories of sugar really didn’t matter to me during pregnancy. I try to avoid the added sugar now but it was so satisfying to be able to just pour myself a cup of milk and feel like I was drinking a milk shake. If this sounds crazy to you, and it probably does, but being pregnant, I could not get enough and I still can’t postpartum.

How do you satisfy your sweet tooth? Have you successfully untrained yourself from wanting dessert after each meal? Share your wisdom below!

This post is brought to you by my friends at Chobani. All thoughts and opinions are truthful and my own.


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