More Sober Weddings and Running 10 Miles 24 weeks Pregnant

I should have known that I wasn’t wonder woman. Last Friday, I had a bit of a “freak out” if you will. I committed to traveling to Spain 25 weeks pregnant for three nights!? It was going to take me at least 16 hours to get from point A to point B.

LittleFit is due in less than 16 weeks and I haven’t registered for a thing, started the nursery or begun to clear out my hoarding items to make way for baby gear. So like any normal female, when stressed out, I went shopping after teaching Friday morning. Really I just wanted to check out the new Primark downtown. I could not get over how cheap their clothes were.Primark Boston

Workout tops and shorts for $6! They weren’t bad looking either, many items were totally cute. I didn’t buy anything because of my growing belly but I was tempted. The quality matched the price tag in my opinion for some items but if you plan to only wear something a couple times, who cares!?

For lunch, I’ve been loving the Ezekial wraps. For the first time since April, I had to have turkey. I heated it up in the microwave for 30 seconds like they suggest expecting mothers do and was a happy camper. I added pickles, lettuce, avocado and honey mustard. Ezekial Wrap

After lunch, Nick and I were about to head down to Provincetown for our friend’s wedding when I realized I couldn’t go to Spain. It was just too much to add to my plate with an already busy remaining September. I really wanted to fit in a little Prenatal Yoga before leaving but did not have any time. I took some deep breaths, sent an email to the company declining an offer I had already accepted and then got in the car to  head to the cape. It felt like a relief to finally say no which helped me realize I made the right decision.

We had dinner in PTown and then met up with our friends for a fun Friday night out on the town. While normally I would have woken up hungover, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready to tackle my ten miler.

PTown 10 mile run

The first three miles are always the most challenging for me. The next 5 felt really good. They were super hilly running along the bike path in PTown. I walked up the steep hills and thought it was good preparation for San Francisco. I stopped to use public bathrooms that were on the route at miles 1.6, 5 and 8.

Post 10 mile run

I also ate a few organic energy chews from Pro Bar around mile 6 which super charged my miles from 6-8. My doctor said to avoid most of these but the ones I had I think were safe. If not, I only had 3 small ones. Around mile 8, I was ready to be done. I brought a water bottle with me and ran with it up until then, where I was able to refill it. I got back home with a total of 9.7 miles on my new Garmin and was happy to be finished. My change over day is Sunday so technically this run was 23 weeks and 6 days but for the sake of convenience, I’m going to say I finished this run at 24 weeks.

My average pace was slow, around an 11 minute mile, but like I’ve been saying, I don’t care what it is. I’m trying to fit in the mileage so I can finish the Nike Women’s Half in SF.

Afterwards, we grabbed lunch on Commercial street where I ordered a Greek Salad with salmon at Finizzis. Afterwards, we stopped so I could also grab ice cream. I finally wore one of my maternity tops from H&M. Ice Cream after Run

I went back home and just laid down for a couple hours until it was time to get ready for the wedding. Josh and Ashley, the bride and groom looked gorgeous and happy. The ceremony was performed by Josh’s dad and was the most entertaining one I’ve ever been to. Rarely do you hear so many laughs during these things.

Ashley and Josh

They got married up at the monument in PTown and the reception was under a gorgeous tent. I’m lucky to be in my second trimester for all these weddings because I have plenty of energy to dance and stay up with the rest of my friends.

The girls insisted on taking a LittleFit bump picture as seen below with Kristy, Jordan and Aimee. I wore a JCrew dress that pretty much hid the bump but it is there – getting noticeably larger by the day.LittleFit with Girls

I was shocked that I even made it to the after party for an hour. Needless to say, once I got home, I crashed fast! We have one more wedding next weekend and then I think I’m in the clear for awhile with the big party events thank god. I love my cocktails and being sober at these weddings is not very fun I must admit.

Aside from weddings and bachelorette parties though, I really don’t miss the alcohol. I wanted a glass of wine bad on Friday but it passed. I know many women drink a glass of wine at night during their pregnancies but for my first I’m trying to play by conservative rules. I’m pushing it as is with all the running,

When you were pregnant, did you miss alcohol or did you find like me that you enjoyed waking up with more energy?

More Sober Weddings and Running 10 Miles 24 weeks Pregnant

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  • C

    I’m the same in that I find I only really miss it at things like weddings…and only then if it’s a big event where I don’t know many people, I find I do miss it as a social lubricant.

  • Katie @ Live Half Full

    I am 35 weeks pregnant and have been to eight weddings this summer! I kind of love being able to wake up at a good hour and fit in a workout and anything else I want to get done. In the past mornings after weddings were blown!

  • Beatriz

    Spain? I would love to give you a hug 🙂
    I hope you have a nice trip! With the idea of having babies still far away from my mind, I don’t know how you pregnant ladies can do so much! I love reading your updates and I hope I remember them in the future!

  • Mattie @ Comfy & Confident

    I have not heard of that sports clothes store. I might have to check it out. Although I am a sucker for really nice and well made fitness clothes. They are just so comfortable and fit so well.
    Good for you for declining going to Spain. You need to take care of you and the baby. There will be plenty of more opportunities.

  • Amy

    I think being pregnant in the summer is harder. All I ever wanted was a Corona that had been sitting in a cooler of ice for a few hours:)
    Major props to you for continuing your running regime! Looking good Mama!

  • Amy

    This post is a real bummer. I’ve been following you for a short time and incorporating your workouts and such and find you so inspiring. However, I’m not into getting drunk -- ever- and don’t see how that fits into a fit lifestyle, and worse, it took me over four years to become pregnant and I never became pregnant again, so when I read/hear pregnant ladies complaining about having to be sober due to a pregnancy it’s an incredible turnoff. Maybe consider your readers and followers who are trying to conceive or never were able to conceive. It’s a lonely road for many women and one that other women really are so insensitve to. Sorry you are so inconvenienced by having to be sober. Two thumbs down.

    • Sarah

      Hi Amy, Thank you for leaving this comment. While I don’t know what it’s like to be in your shoes, I am sorry if I upset you in any way. I’m sharing my pregnancy on my blog from my point of view. It’s not meant to be the right or wrong way, it’s just my experience. I used to be a pretty big party girl and since I became more involved in my career, I no longer drink very much. The few occasions I still would let loose would be weddings. In my opinion, I don’t mind giving up alcohol but in my social settings/where I live/who I hang out with, I wanted to share what it’s like for me not being able to drink as I’m typically the only person not drinking aside for the other pregnant ladies. It didn’t occur to me that this post was insensitive as again, I’m just trying to share what I’m going through.

  • Allison

    I feel your pain! We were at a wedding shower and I was the ONLY one close to being sober. Not that I have to drink to have fun, but a glass of wine would have been nice!

    We have two weddings next month I will be 33 and 36 weeks at both of them so I know I am in for another round of not partying while everyone else does! I did get a special job at one- recording a special moment because “literally you are the only person that I know that will attend and be sober” -- the bride. I am not sad about being the sober one and feel VERY blessed to have my little boy growing but i totally relate to “big” event partying miss- even if its just a glass of champs to toast the happy couple 🙂

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