Two New Strong + Sleek Arm Workout Videos To Try

This week I debuted two new arm workouts on my YouTube channel. You will need a pair of medium dumbbells for each.

The first is a 5 minute workout for beginners to challengers. It featured an AMRAP style workout. You can do this with me or on your own. Once you know the moves, see how many rounds you can get through in just 5 minutes. Ready? Go!

The second video features one of my favorite arm slimming exercises. It’s slimming because it works just about every angle of the arm and helps build muscle, creating definition which makes your arms appear slimmer. It won’t make them bulky! I promise. Please please please don’t be one of those girls in my class at Barry’s Bootcamp with the 5 lb dumbbells on chest back and abs day. I get it at Barre – but at Barry’s and Burn Fitness Studio, you’re typically switching up moves every 30-60 seconds. Go heavy to see results, I promise I won’t bulk you up. In the mean time, try adding in one of these exercises.

By the way, if you love this Kohl’s Chin Up tank as much as me, you can buy it here for $11.99. Lift It, ladies! PS. Kohl’s juniors has awesome graphic tanks that are cheap!!! They also mask a growing baby bump. Why does the Junior department get to have more fun!?

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