My 2015 Kohl’s Gift Guide for Everyone on Your List

All week on my YouTube channel, I’ve been featuring some great gifts you can get at your local Kohl’s or buy online. While yes, I’ve been working with Kohl’s since May, I do love their incredible sales and ability to shop in store and online conveniently.

I get really overwhelmed shopping online unless I know exactly what I want. I purchased all of the items featured in the videos in store and have provided links to most for you to buy here. Not all are available online like my favorite ear phones by Yur Buds but most or similar products are.

Right now, Kohl’s is giving an extra 20% off all orders using promo code SNOWYDAY. Many of these items, especially those in today’s video featuring gifts for the whole family that won’t break your budget, are on sale too which will give you incredible savings.

I have not finished my Holiday shopping yet but plan to do so the weekend before Christmas because I like being last minute like that.

What did I ask for?

An espresso machine and items still on my baby registry.

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