Pregnancy Update: Week 36 + Due Date Guess Giveaway

Baby is more or less fully cooked at this point. Some doctors consider your baby full term at 37 weeks, others at 39. Wednesday marks my 37 week change over date and it’s very weird to think that I am currently 9+ months pregnant!

Baby Update

Well, no guessing here, we had an ultrasound last Monday and he measured 7lbs. I know these can be off and our technician admitted he could be plus or minus a pound. He is the size of a honey dew melon or ripe papaya.

Weight Gain

I’ve gained about a pound a week since my last update so that brings the total to 27 lbs. I can no longer zip up my light weight winter jacket due to my bump and my clothes options are increasingly limited but I’m still wearing mostly non-maternity clothes. It’s funny how many tops and bottoms I have that are stretchy and have extra fabric that cinch below the waist. Instead of being baggy, they now just cling to my stomach.

Pregnancy Eats

It was a good week of pregnancy eats. My breakfasts consisted of oatmeal by Good Food Made Simple. They make delicious frozen steel cut oats that are ready in 3.5 minutes. I love all 3 flavors but the mixed berry is my favorite, only 200 calories and surprisingly filling.  

IMG 1192

They also make these amazing pancake puffs. I could literally eat the entire bag. If you have kids who are picky breakfast eaters, buy these in bulk. The banana tasted sweet enough that I did not want any syrup or anything at all. Easy finger food for breakfast. My nephews would love these.


I had them “anytime” or rather after teaching class but before lunch. They were a great little mid morning snack and take 30 seconds to heat up.

IMG 1229

I also craved green juice so I made sure to safely squash that desire. I saw the juice made in front of my eyes at Revolution Juice in Boston. I ordered the Go To Green which as you may expect was made with kale, spinach, cucumber, ginger, lemon, apple and dandelion greens.

IMG 1230

But you didn’t actually think I was going to act like I ate perfect all week, did you? I was extremely lucky to snag an early invite to the opening at Frank Pepe’s in Chestnut Hill. If you haven’t heard of Frank Pepe’s you probably don’t follow food blogs or pizza lists like I do. It is routinely listed as the best pizzeria in America, originally from New Haven, CT. They now have a few locations and finally made their way up to Boston. Nick and I ordered a red pizza, half cheese, half mushrooms and peppers, as well as the famous white clam pizza. Both were outstanding.

IMG 1235

The official open date is December 16th. I’m going to share more pictures later and details on the menu.

Saturday night we had a date night at Myers and Chang. I forgot how much I loved this place! I didn’t take any pictures but you have to go and you have to try the octopus and kimchi quinoa asap.

Sunday, we walked to the new Sweetgreen in the Pru for dinner! I made my own salad with Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, beets, tomatoes, avocado and chicken. I added some feta at home. This is one of my favorite combinations I’ve had! I topped it with balsamic vinaigrette and side of bread of course made into make shift croutons.

IMG 1243

There were cookies and cupcakes and peppermint bark in there too, but I didn’t take any pictures 🙂 To be honest, I’m getting sick of sugar. New pregnancy diet plan, get sick of all the foods you know you won’t want to eat once the baby has come out so you crave healthy food.


IMG 1186

Last update, I mentioned that I was planning to chill out on the SPX Pilates and it has really helped alleviate the hip pains I was having. My hips are not nearly as achy, which may be because I’ve replaced it with yoga. Any type of pulling/dragging motion really is uncomfortable, including using gliders. This is due to the ligaments in my pelvis stretching. I’m still spinning about 2 days a week and doing yoga 2 days a week. I also tried out Circuit Row at Burn Fitness Studios with Jonathan and loved it! It combines rowing with strength based circuits. It felt good to get in some old fashioned wall sits, squats, planks and arm strengthening exercises mixed with low impact cardio. The next morning my body felt great and I gave it a rest day. Here is what my week looked like:

  • Monday – 45 minutes SoulCycle (indoor cycling)
  • Tuesday – Rest (Taught last class at Barry’s)
  • Wednesday – 45 min yoga/45 min Circuit Row at Burn Fitness Studio
  • Thursday – Rest (Taught last class Burn
  • Friday – 1 hour yoga
  • Saturday – 30 minute walk
  • Sunday – 45 minutes Recycle Studio  (Indoor cycling)

After Instagramming a picture at SoulCycle with a less than enthusiastic review, I got a phone call (out of the blue) from SC PR in NYC offering a 5 pack of classes to try a few other instructors. I’m waiting to use all 5 before sharing my review so stay tuned for that. I’m obsessed with the vest I’m wearing in the picture from Talbots. It’s the only “jacket” that still zips and thankfully it hasn’t been too cold so it’s been perfect. It’s currently 30% off too.


Heart burn still. During the ultrasound, it was confirmed that LittleFit has a head of hair so now my suspicions have been confirmed. Kid with hair = heart burn.

I’ve got occasional insomnia. Both Monday and Wednesday night, I woke up at 3AM and had a terrible time falling back asleep. I was up until I got up at 7 on Tuesday morning but fell back asleep by 5 on Thursday.

I wish I could tell you I’m nesting, but I’m not. I’ve noticed a little bit of swelling when zipping up my boots or taking off my rings. I’m also super itchy and my hips still ache but not as much.


Baby is moving a ton still. I thought he would have run out of room but he is strong. He moves right before I eat and then while I eat. It’s like he tells me when he’s hungry and then let’s me know if he approves. His kicks are not as high as they have been as he is lowering to get into birthing position. His head is still down and in good position for labor. The doctor thinks he is big and wants to keep an eye on his size. My midwife said I’m fine. I’m going to do everything I can to avoid a C-section and I know this may be pushed if they think the baby is too large for my frame. I know I can do it and am seeing a midwife for this very reason. At MGH, you get midwife like attention and direction during labor but the whole practice obviously is overseen by the doctors.

Also, I’ve been experiencing a lot Braxton-Hicks contractions and have had 2 kind of real painful ones but that’s it.


Excited and at peace. We saw LittleFit during our 36 week appointment and already are guessing who he looks like. We can’t wait to meet and seeing him in 3-D made it feel that much more real! It is so soon.

IMG 1180

I’m also feeling more relaxed about labor. I’ve been reading about other women’s birth experiences and no longer am as afraid as I was a couple weeks ago. I’m comfortable with my no-plan plan. I just wish I could have a heads up as to when labor will actually begin. I keep trying to guess when he will come and thought it would be fun to include you guys in on the fun. If you guess the date I go into labor correct, I will send you a copy of my book for free! To enter leave a comment down below. Here are some facts you may or may not want to take into consideration:

  • This is my first child
  • My mom went 3.5 weeks early with my oldest sibling who was 7.5 lbs.
  • My sister went 5 days early with her first who was around 7 lbs.
  • I’ve had a complication free pregnancy
  • My due date is January 6th according to my early ultrasounds but it would have been January 3rd going by the first day of my last period.
  • Baby is considered full term at 37 weeks and could technically come at any time after that and be healthy but he could also stay in until 42 weeks!

Leave your due date guess down below in the comments!

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