My 5 Rules for Navigating Holiday Parties | Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Did you know that on average we consume an extra 600 calories per day between Thanksgiving and New Years? No need to “restrict” yourself but a few rules can help you feel satisfied, tipsy and in control. Here are my 5 health holiday eating tips for navigating a good holiday party. Click image below to watch on YouTube and get a sneak peak at the first 2 tips below.


Tip #1: Here and Now

Allow yourself you enjoy treats such as homemade baked Christmas cookies that you would otherwise not be able to taste. Avoid store bought goodies that you could go and buy yourself the following day. This is called the here and now rule because I want you to ask yourself this question before putting something in your mouth that you usually wouldn’t eat, “If I was not here right now, would I be able to try this dish again?” If the answer is yes, because it was purchased at Trader Joe’s or other chain store, pass.

Tip #2: Have 1 or 2 of the 4 but Never More

If Holiday parties or family gatherings are a sit down dinner, this is a great rule to manage the calories consumed. The “four” are the bread basket, a starchy side at dinner like pasta, mashed potatoes or risotto, dessert and alcohol. At your meals, allow yourself to have one of the 4, and sometimes 2 but never more than that.

For tips 3-5, and a bonus 6 for hangovers click here to watch the video above 🙂

What is your favorite rule?

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