My Abs Can Breathe, The Shoot Is Over

Hello from Malibu! I had the most amazing experience Thursday shooting with Lionsgate BeFit. Fellow fitness YouTuber, Scott Herman, and I were out here from New England to shoot a 30-day 6-Pack Abs program for their YouTube channel. Lionsgate is kind of a big deal in the fitness industry. They are #1 producer of fitness DVD’s. As a result, we get locations like this!IMG 7303

They also are the studio behind many of my favorite movies, including the Hunger Games. Along with one of the most professional crews I’ve worked with, I also got hair and makeup! Always a plus. Holly did an amazing job keeping my makeup looking fresh an hair bouncey all day.

BeFit Video Set

If you are obsessed with the ABC hit, Revenge, you might recognize this house. It is none other than the set for Nolan’s house! We were going to shoot inside but last minute changes had us complete the videos all outdoors. I thought the set looked familiar but was convinced it was The Hills.
IMG 7302

IMG 7305

I had a total of 5 costume changes. Most were my own outfits, so you might recognize them from my videos. While wardrobe was provided, I know I feel most comfortable in my own gear so I always bring my own.

IMG 7308

The picture below looks crazy fake, but I promise it was taken with the same camera as the others and not a single effect or filter was used. The reason it looks so amazing is because we used the lighting that was set up for the video shoot. The lighting crew  was that good!

IMG 7316

The below above was my favorite so I saved it for last. I’m wearing my DA Active pants, a lululemon sports bra with a blue one underneath for extra support, because we all know, lulu yoga tops look cute but do not do anything to hold the girls in.

My director/producer, Cal Pozo, (below) was amazing to work with. Little did I know while organizing the shoot from Hawaii, that he was the man behind some of my favorite DVD’s of all time! He has worked with Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, the Dancing with the Stars cast and more!

IMG 7319

He and his partner Michael (also below) immediately secured a special place in my heart when I discovered our mutual love for Hugo’s, frozen yogurt and Revenge.

IMG 7320

I left my hotel at 6:30 AM and did not return until 8 PM. It was a long day to say the least. We saw the sun rise and set at Nolan’s house.

IMG 7317

I was able to sustain my energy by starting with a cup of oatmeal from 3 Sisters, 3 egg whites, 1/2 a grapefruit and a double espresso from Starbucks at 8 AM. I had one serving of Vega pre-workout energizer at 9:30 AM right before our first shot. We broke for lunch at 1 pm which consisted of seasoned salmon filets, green beans and a little salad. I had another Vega pre-workout energizer at 2 PM and one Clif Bar Chocolate Gel Shot at 3:30 PM. I didn’t want to eat a big lunch knowing I had to jump and crunch for 4 more hours which is why I knowingly brought the Clif gel which tasted like chocolate frosting.

IMG 7321

Scott on the other hand was enjoying cookies at lunch. He was fun to work with and I’m excited to see how our videos come out! This was in large part due to our great fitness production specialist, Rachel. Scott and I sounded like we had worked together a hundred times all thanks to her amazing help.

I’m hanging out tomorrow with my brother, sister in law and nephews before heading back to Boston Saturday morning, hopefully before SANDY! I’m looking forward to being back on a normal time zone schedule.

On Saturday, I’m going to my friend Maggie’s Halloween party. My costume was supposed to arrive while I was in LA. I usually wait until last minute, but Maggie’s excitement and my trip made me realize last weekend I needed to get my costume.

What are you being this year?  For once, I’m NOT being an 80’s aerobics instructor!

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