My Favorite Christmas Workout Playlist

Aside from cleaning and decorating my house, I listen to my music the most while working out. With Christmas just around the corner, here is a playlist to get in the spirit while pushing yourself to the limit at the gym. I’ve updated this Christmas Workout Playlist to include some favorites that have been added since I originally posted this in 2013! Funny enough in 2023, most of my favorite Holiday Workout songs are still the same however.

1. Last Christmas, Cascada (listen here) 3:53

I love this faster version of the holiday classic. The music video is amazing too, which I first saw in a video bar playing Provincetown in the middle of summer. I made a mental note to remember and I’m happy I did because it’s awesome!

2. My Only Wish, Britney Spears (listen here) 4:17

I was obsessed with this song during college, illegally downloading and burning on to a CD. During winter break, I played it on repeat while driving home from college. I went to school 6 hours away. Also on this CD was number 3.

3. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, N’Sync (listen here) 4:20

Am I dating myself here, because I still think this song is great. I admit it, I had a JT 8×10 next to my bed in High School that was replaced by a Tom Brady GQ cover in College. NYSNC will forever be my boy band of choice. I wonder if Barry’s will mind if I play Bye, Bye, Bye during class?

4. Run, Run, Rudolph Kelly Clarkson (listen here) 2:30

This is finally a new song to us just this year. It sounds like a fun 50-60’s fast paced song you should do the hand jive to but will have you sprinting on the treadmill instead of galloping. Who doesn’t love Kelly? Seriously. This is the third artist on this list that I’ve seen in concert.

5. Do They Know It’s Christmas, Shirley Clamp (listen here) 3:07

This sounds more like a club remix than a Christmas carol but I’ll take it. I found it while researching this playlist. A lot of dub step Christmas playlists have random songs like this included. This one stood out as my favorite.

6: Jingle Bell Rock, Cast of Glee (listen here) 2:30

Channel your inner “mean girl” (this was the sexy dance song in the movie, remember?) and also remember Corey Monteith while reflecting on the past year through working out.

7. Christmas Tree, Lady Gaga (listen here) 2:24

Of course Lady Gaga has a Christmas track. This song was blocked from viewing on YouTube on my iPad but you can check it out from your desktop.

8. All I Want For Christmas is You, Mariah Carey (listen) 3:30

Did you really think I wasn’t going to include this gem? THIS IS MY JAM. It’s also many other people’s jam. I never get sick of this song. It was even my ring tone for two winters when I still opted for the free Kyocera phone at Verizon. I probably still would do the free phone if it wasn’t for the addicting iPhone and my job.

9. 8 Days of Christmas, Destiny’s Child (listen here) 3:29

#TBT – This is a fun one! It’s got a faster beat for your workout, too!

10. Christmas Tree Farm , Taylor Swift (listen here)

11. Underneath the Tree, Kelly Clarkson (listen here)

12. You Make It Feel Like Christmas, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton (listen here)

12. DJ Play a Christmas Song, Cher (listen here)

13. Merry Christmas, Elton John and Ed Sheeran (listen here)

Did I miss your favorite? Let me know down below!

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