What I ate on Sunday!

In my early twenties, I was lucky if I made it to a gym on the weekend. I drank too much and as a result would feel too shitty to make it, eating foods to cure my hangover instead. It was a vicious cycle that I’m happy to leave behind. Now, I probably still eat just as much but I get to justify it because I usually workout both days. Monday mornings are for setting the tone of the week and resetting your intentions. After a 7:10 am workout at Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston with Brian this morning, I enjoyed a big bowl of oatmeal sweetened with truvia, topped with strawberries and banana.

IMG 5846

However, my Sunday morning was not as healthy. Here is what my Sunday actually looked like…

I woke up to go to Recycle Studio at 10 am with Elyse. She is a new instructor and I was excited to try her class. Holy balls it was hard, in a good way of course. I was sweating and felt slow. During class, another new instructor Ani, who I didn’t recognize was cycling in front of me. I was in awe the entire class at how fast she pedaled and how perfect her form was. She pushed me harder because I was trying to keep up with my fellow classmates. In the end, it was a kick ass workout and I felt justified for eating a ton of chocolate covered nuts at the movies Saturday night.

IMG 5867

Walking back to my apartment, this was outside on the street corner, Union Square Donuts! I’ve read about them but hadn’t tried one yet since they are sold in Somerville. For $2 and a year on my bucket list, I had to get one, right? Olives and Grace in the South End now sells them on Sunday mornings. I was able to get two halves for the price of one and try to two flavors, the glazed, aka Sea Salted Bourbon Caramel and the Brown Butter Hazelnut Crunch (pictured behind the glazed). The nut one was my favorite. Oh my gosh, it was good and worth every calorie. I only had half because I was meeting a friend for brunch and didn’t want to spoil my meal. I intended on having just a few bites.

IMG 5868

After sitting down at 75 Chestnut, the waiter came over and asked if we wanted to go up to the “make your own Bloody Mary” bar. I was going to say no, but was convinced when I saw the flavored vodka varieties. The bartender poured a jalapeño infused vodka that I chose into the glass and then I added the rest. I used the Bloody Mary mix and added extra horseradish, celery salt and pepper. For garnish, I added a pickle, celery stick, pepperocini and a blue cheese stuffed olive. How quickly my well intentioned Sunday drastically turned. I ordered an omelet to my meal but the Bloody Mary was the show stopped.

Roomie requested enchiladas for dinner, his favorite recipe of mine which is obviously not my healthiest. Instead of regular cream cheese, I used The Laughing Cow cream cheese spread Chive and Onion.

IMG 5871

I smear this down the center of the corn tortillas and then add in a chicken mixture which I make with shredded chicken (boil chicken broth with chicken breasts and pull), cumin, green chilies, onion, hot sauce and sometimes sour cream which I omitted because I didn’t have any.  The full enchilada recipe is on my blog here.

IMG 5872

I add the chicken mixture to the middle of the tortilla and place seem down into a large pan. I top them with enchilada sauce and cheese before baking at 375 in the over for 15 minutes or until cheese is melted.

IMG 5876

I decided to try something new for myself and make an open faced enchiladas in my crock pot/oven 3 in 1 Ninja cooker. I placed the tortilla down flat, added the cream cheese spread, then chicken mixture before topping with enchilada sauce and cheese. I cooked two of them for about 12-15 minutes and finished with fresh avocado. These were amazing. I did this to eat less of the corn tortillas and more of the chicken mixture. I think it was a win.

IMG 5877

The corn tortilla on bottom was crispy and I could almost eat it like a pizza for half of the time! It may be my new go to modification for this recipe.

IMG 5879

I chose to use corn tortillas because after looking at the ingredient list of all the flour ones, I was shocked. The corn tortillas at Trader Joe’s have three ingredients, corn, water and lime. The others had a list of at least 10, many with chemical like sounding ingredients. I know the rest of the items used are not 100% clean, but I try to do the best I can. I did eat already eat 1/2 a donut earlier in the day, let’s be serious. For dessert, I had the other half of the donut because Roomie didn’t want his half. Damn men and not wanting dessert.

Between brunch and dinner I snacked on trail mix I got from the bins at Whole Foods. We went to see American Hustle Saturday night and stopped at Whole Foods for mini bottles of wine and candy to eat during the show. Who ever decided to put up those bulk bins of candy has significantly increased my sugar purchases at Whole Paycheck. The vanilla chai almonds and caramel pillow things that look like almonds are my favorites. They remind me of the honey-infused ones we get from GoldBee.

IMG 5860

I also stopped into a Barnes and Noble finally on Saturday to see if my book was being sold and it was! Kind of a fun moment. I’m leaving for Maine after my 4pm class that I’m teaching at Barry’s and excited to start official Holiday festivities. Details on a HUGE iPad giveaway on SarahFit.com coming later today…

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