My Favorite New Fitness Technologies

On Tuesday, I uploaded a video that I partnered with Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1® contact lenses to my YouTube channel. I loved shooting this video because I really am a nerd when it comes to technology. What made this one fun was that we also featured beauty products and clothes that have used technological advances to make their products even better. I wanted to share them on my blog because they really are worth knowing.

  1. The New Heart Rate Monitors

My favorite new gadget thanks to technology is definitely the GPS watch that measures your heart rate through your wrist. I love that I not longer have to wear a chest strap to measure my heart rate. Two of my favorite brands that use this technology are Garmin and TomTom. I don’t leave for a run without one.

The benefit of knowing your heart rate allows you to accurately assess how hard your body is working and get a pretty good read on how many calories you are burning during a workout. If you are a serious athlete, knowing your heart rate allows you to better train. If you are looking to lose weight, it prevents you from overestimating the number of calories you burn.

The watch that I always wear on SnapChat and Instagram is the Garmin Forerunner 235. It uses  Elevate™ heart rate technology to measure your heart rate at the wrist 24/7.

2. Custom Ear Buds

There is nothing worse than a pair of earphones that can’t stay in on a good run. These Uvero custom ear buds are perfect for working out and being on the go by eliminating outside noise. The technology maps your ear canal creating an ear bud custom fit just for you that never falls out!

  1. Sweat Wicking Clothes That Keep Body Cool and Dry

There is nothing worse than working out and feeling just drenched in sweat in the middle of a workout. By the end, OK, I accept defeat, but I’d like to feel dry for as long as possible. During the summer, it’s tough to stay dry working out outdoors. In the winter, it’s tough to stay warm. I love how technology has made apparel more comfortable and your workout more enjoyable when the temperatures rise and fall. 

Companies like Polartec have invested serious dollars into finding a way to wick sweat away from your body and keep you feeling dry as well as warm in winter or cool in summer. We take this stuff for granted at this point but if you’re training for a fall or early spring marathon, you might want to invest in a few good pieces.

Polartec® Power Dry® was created to give base fabrics greater efficiency, more dependable wicking properties, faster dry times and better overall performance. Not all base fabrics are created equal, and many can only provide temporary wicking chemistry that fades and weakens with every wash. By designing mechanical wicking fabric with our patented bi-component construction we invented a superior base material that pulls moisture from the skin, expands for faster evaporation and lasts the life of the fabric.

4. Non Toxic Deodorant

I try to use products that work but are not loaded with chemicals. I love that I’ve found two natural deodorants that keep me smelling like the lady I am after a tough workout.

Lavanila is an award-winning, aluminum-free deodorant that is 100 percent natural, safe, and effective. “Soothing essential oils blend with beta-glucan technology fight odor effectively while soothing, conditioning, and nourishing the delicate underarm area. It goes on clean, with no sticky wetness, and delivers long-lasting, luxurious results.”

5. Alcon DAILIES TOTAL1 contact lenses

We all rely on our vision but as an athlete, I need a comfortable pair of contacts that I can depend on for my workouts, especially when it comes to race day. I love wearing contacts I can throw out at the end of each day. DAILIES TOTAL 1 are the world’s first and only water gradient contact lenses.

Designed for people who want exceptional comfort until the end of the day, Dailies Total 1 were rated by eye care professionals highest in overall performance. Thanks to their advanced technology, these lenses were designed with a surface of over 80% water content, nearly the same as the surface of your eye. They are 6 times more breathable than the leading daily dispensable contact lens.

 The video was sponsored by Alcon but the ideas and editorial is my own.  
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