These 10 Things Surprised New Moms The Most

Congrats to Amy who won the Chicco giveaway. There were honestly so many good answers, it was hard to choose just one. Since so many of them made me smile, I decided to share them in a blog post with my 10 favorite.


I was surprised by how often newborn baby’s need to nurse. It definitely was a full time job! – Kelly

What surprised me most was how much work breastfeeding is! I had to go back to work right after my son was born and the pumping, constant feedings and very little sleep have changed my entire view on motherhood. I have so much respect for all the mamas out there❤️ – Lindsey

I am surprised by how much of my time is committed to my boobs! I feel like I am always either feeding, pumping, storing milk, washing bottles, wearing and washing special comfy bras, figuring out how to run again without them hurting! haha. Thanks for sharing your journey with us 🙂 – Shannon

The number one shocker was definitely how much babies eat and how time consuming breastfeeding really is! I was surprised by this as well even with 4 nieces and nephews. You don’t know it until you experience it first hand.

I was very surprised by how much ear wax babies produce!! I even commented to a girlfriend and she said her baby has a lot of ear wax too…..glad to know I’m not alone, lol!! – Cait

This one cracked me up because Tommy does – or did – have a ton of ear wax. It has tapered off.

Upon becoming a parent, I was surprised how changing diapers doesn’t gross me out or really seem like a chore — I thought for some reason it would be way more obnoxious. Now, my daughter is 10 weeks so maybe this will change haha but so far, being a mom is just the best and most fulfilling job I could dream of 🙂 – Anna

Nick and I were both not expecting this one by Anna but 100% agree that for some weird reason it’s not that gross changing your child’s diaper. Since we started solids though, this is slowly changing. I’m still doing OK, just holding my breath on occasion.

I am currently pregnant with my first and what has surprised me so far is that baby’s hiccup in the womb! I’ve never thought I could feel even their hiccups 🙂  it’s so adorable just thinking about the baby hiccuping inside me! – Jungwa

Nick still doesn’t believe me that Tommy had the hiccups in the womb. He felt them but just thinks they were something else. Men! Tommy still hiccups all the time.

The thing that surprised me the most about becoming a parent was the amount of concern I have for every little thing that I do in order to ensure the safety and contentness of my baby girl. I’m on a mission to constantly make her feel loved and cared for. Unfortunately, I feel guilty if I don’t spend a significant amount of time tending to her each day, which surprised me about becoming a parent as well – Sandra

You may not be able to tell on my blog but I am an anxious person and since the birth of T, it’s only gotten worse. Zika and ISIS are the latest ones to really freak me out. I know Sandra above isn’t talking about terrorism but my concern level has skyrocketed, just in a more crazy lady way.

I was surprised that he ‘knew’ me. I know it sounds so silly but I was terrified that he wouldn’t like me or connect to me and I wasn’t sure how to make the bonding happen. I remember being shocked as soon as I held him that he felt like he had always belonged in my arms. -Britt

I still to this day am surprised that Tommy gets so excited when I go to pick him up from the babysitting room at the gym. “You like me?! You still like me? Victory!”

I was surprised at how quickly he grew out of clothes and was onto the next size! It always seems like we just bought him a new wardrobe and he wore quite a few things only once.  – Erica

Why is it not universally known that baby sizes are stupid. Why did we even start using months to begin with? They should all be by weight and height but then again, Carter’s and Baby Gap wouldn’t make as much damn money!

Honestly, I was shocked about the exact same thing about sleep. My parents and the older generation tried to encourage me to keep the baby awake all day so she’d sleep all night. We finally got wise and let her nap as much as she needed to and it was better all the way around! – Amber

THIS! Why did someone start this horrible rumor that babies who sleep all day will be up all night. It’s so wrong. It’s evil. I don’t even remember how many times I woke Tommy up or kept him awake so he would sleep better at night. Guess what? It backfired. Don’t be like Sarah. Sarah was stupid.

i was surprised at how much better you feel once they start smiling at you! Who knew interaction would actually make you feel normal again. Although, the first smile did go to my husband… – Gina

The first few weeks are hard and by about week 6 you need this. It’s crazy how much a smile can mimic a little caffeine in an overtired parent.

I am halfway through my first pregnancy and I am surprised at how much there is to learn! I am trying to be a sponge right now and soak up as much as I can before our little boy is here — this post came at the right time!! – Amy

From car seat safety, to umbilical cord care, to swaddling, to bathing a newborn, nursing and burping, there is a lot. Luckily, there are many resources out there to help you. I’m just hoping I don’t forget all this information when it comes time for #2!

Thank you to everyone else who left a wonderful comment. They were all amazing. If I could add mine it would be the following…

I didn’t realize that the snuggle puppy phase was so short. I would have enjoyed those long days of sitting on the couch and doing nothing at all had I known! Next time, I’ll likely have a toddler to chase around and won’t be able to.

So, for all you first time new moms, enjoy those snuggles! Forget the sleep. The sleepy snuggle phase never come back.


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