Last night, I was given to opportunity to “model” the new Ann Taylor. I will be honest, I have not purchased something on my own from Ann Taylor before. Working from home and in the fitness profession, I don’t have a need for their suits and their dresses used to be too conservative for me. Recently, they hired a new designer to make over the Ann Taylor line to make it more modern and bright. The new line is amazing and unrecognizable as AT. The event was put on by Boston Magazine, which I am now writing for online (read my newest article on where the Hollywood celebrities workout in Boston)

I arrived at 4 pm to have my hair done. They gave us champagne and accessories to go along with the 3 pieces were picked out to wear (and keep!). The event guide gave a quick bio of myself and the other 6 models who included a fashion blogger, freelance writer, lawyer, PR exec and real estate mogul. I was honored to be grouped together with such a successful group of women living in Boston. I was in love with how my hair came out. Andrew from Stilisti in Boston did a fabulous job, and I think I might have to use him again for an event. My waves were still intact after my AM run.

For my 3 pieces, I chose a gorgeous necklace, silk top with a wrap around the mid section and a pencil skirt that looked watercolor. I didn’t even think to look at the shoes when I went to pick them out but fell in love with these when I saw another model with them on.

I love the clutch as well that is made out of a cork like material. I am not a fashion blogger but this event made me want to maybe test the waters (kidding, I have no fashion sense what so ever). Since we could only have 3 pieces, I decided that I’m going to buy one of these neon belts. They are $30 and Ann has sales regularly so next time I see a 30% in front of the store, I’m buying this one!

The event was held at 400 Stuart Street in Boston which is a residential building. The event was in the penthouse that is for sale at I believe over 2 million dollars. It was pretty awesome. I would love to live in an apt like this, but then again, who wouldn’t?I had quite a few glasses of Prosecco. I like Prosecco better than Champagne I decided. I had not had this brand before but would recommend it. It was really good without being overly sweet. My hangover was mild and quickly dissipated with the help of a Smart Water in the AM. My fellow Reach The Beach teammates and Boston blog buddies Elizabeth, Tina and Bridget came to support me as did my Pilates buddy Hanneke, summer favoriteAimee and a few more friends from the Junior League and High School! I was overwhelmed with love and support (and got the biggest cheer when I strutted onto the platform in front of everyone.)

There were passed appetizers that were delicious. I loved passed apps. My strategy is that I try everything that looks good once, and if it’s not fried or smothered in cheese, I go back for seconds if it’s good. I tried the fried fun creations, I just stick to just one. After the event I had a couple glasses of wine with my friends but opted not to have anything to eat. When I got home (and slightly tipsy) I made…. COLLARD GREENS. When did I become the drunk girl that pan fries collard greens at 11:30 pm? I added some raisins, quinoa and two left over Gardein BBQ Veggie Nuggets that I didn’t post about yet. It was good, but I can’t help but laugh at myself. I used to at least make english muffin pizzas, but collard greens are new territory.

My First Fashion Show with Ann Taylor & Boston Magazine

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  • Courtney

    Hahahahaha oh my goddd collard greens XD that is hilarious.

    You looked great though and it looked fun! I’m jealous

  • Michelle

    Hi Sarah, this is totally off the subject of the article, but I was just on you-tube watching your 30 minute weight loss circuit that was posted in March 2010. I would really like to do this workout and I have been searching for it on your website so I have something to follow, but I cannot find it. I was wandering if you could point me in the right direction as to where I can find this workout on your website. I would like to know what the exercises are and how many intervals of each to do. Thank you.

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