The Best Late Night Mindless Eating Munchies!

Do you enjoy mindless eating at night? Here are my top 5 favorite snacks for late night eating without gaining weight. If you are new to my blog, please consider subscribing to my YouTube channel for new health and fitness video every week!

The thing about late night eating is that if you are genuinely hungry and have not had enough calories during the day, it is totally fine to eat at any time! It doesn’t matter how late it gets, you can eat if you haven’t had enough. If you have and your mind still wants to nibble as you watch Gossip Girl, this is called emotional eating, eating out of boredom… For some people running is  therapeutic, others like to eat. Instead of beating yourself up about it, acknowledge that it does in fact make you feel better. Instead of paying $100 or more for a session with a therapist, you instead are opting to pay in calories and if 200-300 calories are going to make you feel better, it’s OK. The worst thing you can do is beat yourself up about it. That being said, the ideas above are my suggestions to minimize the damage you do.

Last night, I was asked to be a model for the new Ann Taylor line. They have a new designer and the clothes are young, modern and BRIGHT! I had a few glasses of champagne and was feeling it this morning. I made plans earlier in the week to go running with Jess again, so I got up and went for 5 miles despite wanting to stay in bed.

Why am I posting this picture? Well, if you can’t tell I went BLONDE! What do you think? I am in LOVE with the curls I got from Andrew of Stilisti. I think I may have to use him for my next event! As soon as I finished running, I took out my pony to try and save the style for today!

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