My First Postpartum Workout

First off, congrats to Tamra H for winning my Kohl’s $100 Gift Card giveaway. Thank you everyone who entered.

Second, this weekend was a huge milestone for the Fit family with two firsts. I left Tommy at home with Nick for an hour and went to the gym for an easy workout. Tommy will be officially 4 weeks tomorrow as a barometer.

First Workout

I have been scared to leave the little guy out of fear that he would get hungry and want to eat but I wouldn’t be there for him. We haven’t given him bottles yet but I did pump before I went so there was milk if he needed it. I instructed Dad to use the slow flow nipple on the Comotomo bottle I got at my shower. It is the only bottle I had sanitized that wouldn’t leak when turned upside down, a feature they stress for newborns when first introducing bottles. Luckily, he slept the entire time.

I am not planning to do any intense activity until I am cleared by my midwife but I had to get out of the house and break a sweat. I’ve been feeling energetic and ready for activity so I used the arc trainer for 30 minutes at the gym and then did 3 sets of 12 regular push ups.

On the arc trainer, I used the interval setting at a level 5 (options were from 1-10). The program alternated one minute at a 25 resistance level with a 30 second hard interval at a 45 resistance level.

I was shocked at the endorphin rush I got from such a simple workout. It felt right. It felt good and don’t worry – I didn’t push myself too hard. Every one seems to be equally as concerned about me getting back into shape too soon as they were about my marathon training during my 3rd trimester. I know my body. I’m not a doctor but I’m confident that I’ll see signs of overexertion so that I can stop before causing any major damage.

The most shocking part of the workout was how easy the push ups were. I continued to do modified push up until labor and I guess the 30 lbs that I gained added resistance and helped strengthen my chest even more because I was not prepared to be able to effortlessly finish the 3 sets. This gave me hope that I’m not really starting from scratch although I am pretty winded climbing one flight of stairs.

On Sunday, I used the arc trainer again for 25 minutes. I know I probably won’t be able to get to the gym this week so I embraced being a weekend warrior for once.

I loved hearing all your stories about when you started first working out after giving birth. Each one is so different and unique. I really appreciated the time you guys took to share. They gave me a lot to think about and I definitely learned a few things.

Hope you enjoying your snow day as much as Tommy and Mommy are, Dad is even working from home so we got to write this post!

What was your first postpartum workout?

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