My Halloween Candy Guide: The Good & Bad

I’m all for moderation but Halloween is anything but… be honest with yourself. No, one mini sized Snickers bar is not going to kill you or even cause you to gain weight. Enjoying two or three in one sitting won’t either. But is Halloween really an excuse to eat 4 minis a day until October 31st? You’re too old to trick or treat. 

I was not an overweight child but do not remember thinking twice about how many bars I would eat after collecting my loot. It was a time when I actually listened to my hunger levels and eating two or three was satisfying. Fast forward to adulthood and I’m sad to say this is no longer true. So, if you are going to be buying Halloween candy, at least do yourself and your trick or treaters a favor by avoiding high fructose corn syrup, artificial coloring, and trans fats to avoid ingesting hormone disruptors, potential cancer catalysts and maintain mental clarity and energy during the processed sugar season. (At least during the holidays we attempt to make our own sweets, right?)

Top 5 Candy Bars and Treats To Avoid

Top 5 Healthier Halloween Candy Options

I fully admit, the healthier treats do cost a little more and a lollipop is not as cool as a chocolate bar. However, the intention of the video was to show that there are gluten free, vegan and organic options! If your kids are really young, you can always buy the healthier candy and swap out the bad with the good while they are sleeping. You can only do this if they are young obviously, but it’s a fun trick I think I may borrow from Jillian Michaels. 

And if you don’t have a costume, here is my cheap and easy tutorial for how to make a homemade Olaf costume as seen in the videos above. My YouTube audience did not appreciate my attempt at a DIY tutorial so don’t worry, I’m sticking with the health and fitness videos… haha. 

I did not mention them in this video but save your money and calories. Do not buy the pumpkin spice M&M’s. Do try the candy corn variety. Totally unhealthy but delicious. And yes, last night I wanted chocolate and had some of the bad candy… I thought this might happen which is why I just bought the full sized bars instead of a bags of the treats. 

Do you have an ultimate treat that you don’t care how unhealthy it might be?

I have lots but Halloween for me doesn’t have too many. I can’t say no to a good summer S’More or homemade baked Christmas cookie. 

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