The Holiday Party How-To Guide

Today’s post is taken from my exclusive app. Typically, each week I provide new meal plans featuring a range of different diets from vegan to Paleo. The plans feature recipes, meal ideas and/or an easy to follow weekly meal planner that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. his week I decided to change things up a bit and provide my top 5 tips along with 2 of my favorite make ahead breakfast recipes, homemade LARABAR bites recipe, and a healthy Christmas cookie recipe to survive the Holiday season without gaining weight. You can download my app for free. The exclusive meal plan feature is just $0.99 a month!


During the Holidays, it’s hard to eat your regular balanced diet when your weeknights involve parties and break rooms are filled with cookies and chocolates sent from clients. This plan shows you ways to cut calories to make room for those cocktails and sweets without throwing in the towel completely on your healthy intentions.

Tip #1.

Make healthy breakfasts for the entire week. If you wake up late because you were out until midnight or later, don’t succumb to the bacon, egg and cheese on bagel. If that’s what your body is craving, you probably drank enough calories the night before. Don’t kick yourself when you are already down, plan ahead and make enough breakfasts so that you start each day on the right track despite your previous night’s behaviors.

This week’s meal plan includes two breakfasts to make on Sunday night; Slow Cooker Eggs and Baked Oatmeal.

Tip #2

Snack responsibly in the afternoon so you are not ravenous at your holiday party and make all the wrong decisions. You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again, “Don’t go to your holiday parties starving!” After having a cocktail, the next thing you know, you are going for fourths on the fried spring rolls.

Grapefruit helps aid weight loss

This week’s meal plan includes 5 of my go to appetite suppressing snacks, including 1 new fast and easy no bake vegan recipe.

Tip #3

If you know your favorite bakery is supplying to die for cupcakes at your holiday party or family gathering, use it as motivation to say no to other sweets during the week that are not as worthy. I hate “rewarding” myself with food, but when it comes to the holidays, you gotta, right? It’s not that you can’t have them, you just can’t have them right now – wait until the end of the week and if you fit in your workouts. Say no now so that you can enjoy them later.

Cupcakes by Melissa

This week’s meal plan includes my new favorite holiday cookie recipe from friend, Brittany Mullins!

Tip #4

Order smart at the bar during your holiday parties and avoid your nightly glass of wine. If your diet is a bank account (Bethenny Frankel’s phrase) then save your pennies for the big night out. Have a glass of wine at dinner every night? Save it for the party. Not sure what to drink? My favorite cocktail is a clear tequila like Patron with soda water, splash of grapefruit juice and fresh limes. It’s like a Skinny Margarita without sounding like a Basic Bitch. Your other best bets, a vodka soda, light beer, glass of red or white wine or wine spritzer – my pick for an open bar!

Cocktail Empty

Tip #5

What are you supposed to eat at a holiday party? If you have more than 3 Holiday parties, follow these rules. If you have just one or two, let yourself have fun. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, not a time to beat yourself up or practice deprivation. You get to have these foods sometimes once or twice a year so just practice moderation. It’s not that you can never have them, just don’t stuff your face. Let’s be serious, you can always make some at home next weekend you don’t need to eat the whole tray.

  • Avoid high fat dips and opt for naturally better options like hummus… then again, who wants to eat hummus at a holiday party!?
  • A serving of cheese is an ounce. Do you know how big an ounce is? It’s about the size of a fat thumb. Sadness. Choose wisely and only eat the kind that’s actually good.
  • Find the veggies. In a stuffed mushroom or spanakopita, find the apps with the most veggies that preferably are not fried and enjoy!
  • The simple protein is safe, I promise! Chicken sausage or shrimp cocktail are the bomb. They are totally party friendly without screaming, “I’m on a diet!” If you are asked to bring an app, buy a really good mustard and some turkey sausage for an easy solution that is healthy too!
  • If the party is going to end early, have something small and plan to eat a healthy dinner at home or grab a bite with friends at a restaurant with healthier options than what tend to be offered at a Holiday party.
  • Don’t forget to drink water. You don’t want to embarrass yourself!
  • There is this dessert rule called the 3-bite rule. I rarely stick to it but if I could, it would be smart. I’m sharing it with you but understand if you can’t. Have just 3 bites of dessert – or each one if you plan on trying more than one 🙂

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