What’s In My Fridge? Take a Look and See

Fresh off of Thanksgiving, I loaded up on some of my favorite healthy buys at the grocery store. I was determined buy enough items that I didn’t have to run to a grocery store or eat out mid week and to meal prep. I successfully won the battle. See what I had my fridge to achieve this feat!


While I went shopping for the roommate and myself, he did not eat dinner at home 2 nights and doesn’t bring lunch to work. Meaning – this was enough food for 4 lunches (yay for working from home) and 7 dinners. For breakfast, I had either green juice, Chia bars or a smoothie. I did not eat lunch or dinner on Tuesday because I did a 1-day Juice Cleanse – which is why you see The Ripe Stuff in my fridge!

I made a chipotle meatloaf Wednesday night with the organic ground beef I bought from Aldi using the peppers, celery, onion and ground oats with Frank’s Red Hot (and other spices). Yes, I know you are supposed to eat like a vegan after a cleanse but after not eating meat for most of November, I wanted some. For a side I roasted the cauliflower with an acorn squash that wasn’t featured in the video because I didn’t have it in my fridge!

Does your fridge look like mine? 

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