My Last Class at Barry’s + Favorite Sprinting Playlist

This morning I taught my last class at Barry’s Bootcamp in Boston before my “maternity leave.” I honestly feel like I could keep teaching but I with my “big event” one week for today which as I mentioned is hopefully not a baby, I just didn’t see the point in trying to teach at 38 weeks pregnant. Seemed like a lot to bite off especially with the Holiday rush. I didn’t want to chance pregnancy brain turning a 30 second sprint into a full minute.Last Class at Barry's Bootcamp

Thank you so much to all my students who came to wish me farewell! I hope to see you guys before I go into labor. I’ll be officially 36 weeks tomorrow.


To celebrate, the morning crew at Barry’s brought out the non-alcoholic bubbly aka sparkling apple cider and cupcakes for my last hurrah!Cupcakes

Derek will be taking over my class, and Christina and Kelly already started covering earlier this fall the rest of my regular classes. I plan to take advantage of my sleep these last few weeks.

You still have one more chance to workout with me before my official leave and that is at Burn Fitness Studios on Thursday at 8AM.

Here is playlist from the morning that I made specially for my last week. It features many of my favorite workouts songs for Barry’s sprints. There needs to be more Britney but I tried to keep out any remixes not available on Spotify.

I seriously can’t believe how fast this has all gone and how good I still actually feel. I’m not ready for this to be over! I have played my whole pregnancy by day. Just one day at a time I told myself. Originally, I thought Thanksgiving would be my tap out. Waking up or staying up for my night classes has been the toughest part due to my recent troubles sleeping but if I taught mid-day, I feel like I could teach well into 39 weeks at this point.

If you’re a group ex instructor, how late did you teach into your pregnancy?

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