Boston Healthy News: SweetGreen Pru now Open + Other Healthy Spots

This weekend, I was invited to a blogger brunch at sweetgreen to celebrate their fourth Boston location which is inside the Pru in Hynes Court. It’s right next to the Sheraton entrance and by Au Bon Pain.

I love SG but stopped going as much as I used to because of the ridiculously long line. It moves pretty fast but still a pain in the butt. I’m hoping this new location helps ease the traffic at the location on Boylston.

IMG 1159

At the event, I ordered the Hummus Tahina, one of my favorites and washed it down with an Iced Chai Tea, a drink I haven’t seen at the other Boston locations. Since we were invited to a “brunch,” SG also supplied mini donuts from Blackbird Donuts. I wanted to start with the sugar but I saved mine for dessert.

IMG 2287

Today is the official opening day so if you work or live in the area, stop by for lunch of dinner. If you plan to go shopping this weekend, stop in on Saturday or Sunday for some healthy shopping energy. Sorry though, donuts not sold in store.

In other healthy Boston news:

Nourish Your Soul is open inside the Back Bay Healthworks location. Apparently it has been open for awhile but I just realized it a few weeks ago. If you are not the biggest fan of Jugos, it’s a nice juice/smoothie on the go option in Back Bay. They also have some food items including chia pudding, overnight oats, muffins made with juice pulp and coffee with homemade cashew milk – which is what I go for. Did you know Healthworks has childcare AND is on ClassPass? I didn’t.

Juice Press

Juice Press is coming to Boston. While the Back Bay location going in next to SoulCylce won’t be open until after my little man arrives, the Chestnut Hill location is scheduled to open mid December. Juice Press is different than most of the juice places open in Boston because they also serve way more food options, most of which is raw and vegan, something we have very little of in Boston. Whenever I go to NYC, I always make sure to pop in and grab something new to try.

Juice Press Green Juice


I hear they will have an in-store seated dining experience – rare for the juice bar Boston community. It will be one of only five Juice Press locations to feature a salad station, which offers customers the opportunity to curate their own delicious made-to-order meal using organic ingredients and non-processed dressings and an expansive selection of rotating hot soup options

They will also be serving an exclusive-to-Boston “Commonhealth Avenue” smoothie containing homemade almond milk, raspberry, agave, almond butter and cacao. Where was this two years ago!?

You want more juice? You’ve probably heard by now that Recycle Studio is moving their South End location from Tremont Street to Union Park but do you know who is taking over their space? Hint, it’s another juice bar. The successful Pressed in Beacon Hill is opening their second location in the space Recycle introduced Boston to the indoor spinning craze. I love their avocado toast and juice but am not crazy about their smoothies. They are too thick for my liking.

Training for Boston? Check out my girl Kelly’s class at Barry’s Bootcamp on Sunday mornings at 7:15am for some speed work. I wish this class existed last winter when I was training however if you schedule your long runs for Saturday or Sunday this class may not be your best bet. Still, if snow is in the forecast, it’s an easy way to get in those miles without being miserable in the cold. It is limited to 20 spots. The run portion is 40 minutes rather than the typical 25 and the strength is dedicated to muscles runners heavily rely on. You do not have to be running the marathon to sign up either so if you just like to run, this class is for you.

My Maternity Leave

This week is my last week of teaching in Boston until after LittleFit arrives! I can’t believe how quickly this has arrived. I will be at Barry’s Bootcamp tomorrow at 9AM for Butt and Legs. For my last class, I’m going to be featuring my favorite workout songs from the past 2 years that I’ve been teaching at Barry’s and my favorite moves and treadmill sequences. This means lots of booty and minimal incline… SO COME!!!! I will also be teaching the 8AM Power class at Burn Fitness on Thursday morning which will officially be my last class – again featuring my favorite moves and tunes. Both are on ClassPass, no excuses.

I feel like I could teach longer but the following week I will be extremely busy with something I hope is not labor. I’ll share that project when it happens but pray the little guys doesn’t make a 3 weeks early entrance. After that I’ll be 38 weeks pregnant and since I want my man to stay inside as long as possible, I want to take it easy the last few weeks. I really don’t want a Christmas baby and am taking as many precautions to avoid it, which includes reducing my fitness/teaching schedule.

If you or your child has a Christmas or New Year’s birthday, I’d love to know how your parents or you as a parent celebrate birthdays during the holidays.

I want a healthy baby and that is priority number 1. Number 2 is that he doesn’t come on December 15th or 16th. Priority 3 is that he doesn’t come December 25th. After that, I don’t care 🙂 I know you can’t plan when you go into labor but since my mom went 3 weeks early with my older brother, I’m pretty nervous. My sister went 5 days early with her 1st, too.

I’m going to hold a contest later week with my due date. Guess the correct due date and you win a prize! Depending how many people pick the same date that is correct will determine that prize. Stay tuned…

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