My Marathon Training Diet – What I ate this weekend

I was scheduled to run 18 miles this weekend but after looking at the forecast, I decided to do it Friday afternoon after teaching at Barry’s Bootcamp. Best decision of the month. Boston Marathon

I ran 9 miles out from the finish line which brought me to the Wellesley firehouse which is the turn that takes you onto Comm Ave and back. Since there were no water stations, I brought my water bottle and filled it up at Heartbreak Hill Running Company who also has a large water jug outside. So thoughtful!

The miles went great. I ran at race pace for miles 8, 12 and 13. I shocked at how good I felt running a 9 minute mile at 13 miles. I’m skeptical about reaching my 4 hour goal but we will see. I’m just following my plan from Race Pace Wellness and crossing my fingers my body does what it has been training to do on race day.

Friday night, Roomie and I went with another couple to the Celtics game in Boston. We grabbed a bite to eat before hand at Tavern In The Square. They had so many gluten free and vegetarian options to my surprise. I had the quinoa bowl that came with sweet potato chips, roasted green beans and winter vegetables, goat cheese, avocado and I added chicken.

Tavern On The Square Quinoa Bowl

It was just what I needed – along with a beer. At the game, I had another beer because it tasted so good. I rarely drink beer these days.

Celtics game beer

Saturday morning, I woke up at 6:30 to head over to an event I was doing with Essentia water. I taught a bootcamp first at 8 am at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville. Lauren led a nutrition talk, Jen taught a 20 minute Pilates class and Cara stretched us out with some awesome yoga moves. The event went great and the place was packed. One person asked Lauren about her stance on dairy and I think she gave the best answer possible given the crowd and her own credentials. Girl knows her stuff so check out her site Decidedly Nutritious.

Brooklyn Boulders Essentia Event

sommerville donuts

When I was leaving, I realized I was just a stone’s throw away from Union Square Donuts. I asked my pregnant sister if she wanted to try some to which she responded, “Of course.” So, I used my 18 miler and my sisters hormones as an excuse to buy us a bunch to try and her daughter some munchkins. Her favorite was the maple bacon. Mine were the glazed munchkins which look like brussels sprouts in the picture above.  burgerThe final meal of the weekend that I’m sharing with you is my dinner Saturday night. I was feeling tired and had some other symptoms of being iron deficient so I made homemade burgers with grass fed beef, Iggy’s brioche bunch, caramelized red onions and Grillo’s pickles with a side salad.

This was a very non Sarah Fit weekend, and a great example of how people gain weight when training for a marathon. Don’t worry about me. I don’t eat like this every day. If I did, I would not look like I do but I listened to my body and gave it what it wanted and I wanted so we would both be happy.

If you are looking for REAL NUTRITION for Runner’s from a dietician, Nutrition for Runners/a> Created by my friend Anne, this program will answer all the questions your heart may desire about runner’s and what they heck they should be eating – including during your race!

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