My New Boyfriend: Patriots Premiere 2014

Monday night, I attended the Patriots Premiere on behalf of my brother who is a Patriots blogger at PatsPropaganda.com. The event included dinner, a silent auction, live auction, meet and greet with most players and a little entertainment while being introduced to the 2014 Patriots roster… pre final cuts.

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My brother is doing a campaign this season with NRG. When I met the reps, I told them I had tried their stuff… to which they responded, “No, it’s an actual energy company, we supply the electricity for the lights.” Damnit, Sarah! Slaps forehead with palm of hand. NRG Solar Home provides vehicle charging stations for electric cars, rooftop panels and all your home solutions like AC and heat. In my defense, my brother did not tell me who the tickets were through and there is an NRG bar. Since he lives in LA, he could not attend and gave them to my sister and I. The oddest part of the whole thing was that they didn’t care if I tweeted, Instagrammed or did anything at all!

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When we walked in, we were given mini footballs that we could have the players sign. They were all carrying sharpies. I first recognized the kicker, Stephen Gostkowski. When I worked at NESN he was a rookie and I remember thinking it was weird we were the same age and that he was cute! In case you are wondering… I am drinking a Paleo Paloma (tequila, soda, splash of grapefruit juice and limes) an my dress is from StitchFix.

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The longest line was for the new rookie quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo who is really young but really handsome. Word in town is that he is being bred to be Brady’s successor. Like a cougar, I waited in line for my chance to take a picture with him. He is starting tonight’s game!

IMG 8094

 I also grabbed picture with Amendola. He is much more handsome in person than I remember from TV. This one made it to Instagram and I joked around that he was my new boyfriend. I think we look good together, right?

IMG 8085

We ran into “Fitzy” my brother’s good friend and comedian. If you are a Boston sports fan, check out his YouTube channel and blog!

IMG 8104

After the meet and greet, we sat down at our table for a delicious dinner that was not expected! As we sat down, the Patriots were introduced and I by luck sat at the end of the table right by where the Patriots were walking in! I’m a total fan girl for Tom Brady and have come close to meeting him a few times but it never happens (damn Gisele for giving birth that one night.) I’ve seen him once while running around town and it was one of my favorite days since it was also my sister’s wedding day!

IMG 8100

I started to take pictures but noticed they were blurry so I switched to video for when Tom was to walk by me for a good shot! This is Vince Wilfork. Yes, he is large!IMG 8106


“Memory Full” my phone read right as Brady walked past me. He, Gronk and Edelman did not do the meet and greet so I was on the lookout.

The players sat at different tables with the guests. We were sitting with Josh Boyce who may or may not be on the final roster… An award was given out to Devin McCourty for his charitable work and community service efforts. The Ron Burton Community Service award is given out each year and honors one player who represents leadership on and off the field. Myra Kraft, the owner Bob’s late wife, was very dedicated to giving back and it’s nice to see her legacy remains strong.

The captains from last year got on stage and spoke a bit about the upcoming season. It was fun to hear them be personable since the press conferences are usually so dry. I had no idea Jerod Mayo was hilarious.

IMG 8121

The live auction was fun and raised a boat load of cash, each prize going for $25K-$45K. One parent bought their child a limo ride to school with Gronk and the opportunity for his class (and teachers) to meet the big dude. Gronk added before bidding finalized that he would be willing to go to college, too. IMG 8109

The evening concluded and the players bolted. These two women in the red and black were eyes Tom Brady and somehow managed to get a Hug out of him. I was jealous.

IMG 8125

The night raised a lot of money for the various charities that the Patriots support. It was fun to do something outside of fitness and health for once!

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