My Newest Obsessions: Brooks Dare Cross-Back Bra + More!

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As someone who has been creating home workouts for years, it may shock you that I rarely used to work out from home, that is of course until now. The last time I visited a gym was when we were in the Bahamas and who knows when I’ll be back but for me, Caribbean weather and home workouts are a great excuse to just wear a sports bra and save yourself some laundry!

My ultimate favorite sports bra for nursing women is the Brooks Juno bra. I bought my first one on Zappos shortly after Tommy was born and I’ve since been a huge fan of the Juno bra for high impact workouts if you have a large chest or are nursing. 

After I stopped nursing Connor, TMI warning, my sports bra needs have changed! I now can wear a variety of bras for my most high impact workouts and to be honest, my favorites are the ones that I can pull on and off the easiest.

Since I love my Juno so much, when Brooks reached out to see if I’d be interested in testing out their new line of run bras, the Dare collection, I was excited to accept the opportunity! This of course was before everyone went into social distancing and I could actually test it out at the gym. However while working out at home, I’ve been putting this bra on in the morning and it’s comfortable enough to wear into the evening, even if I don’t get to my intended workout!

Brooks has put years of research into rethinking the sports bra. Designed specially to meet the high-impact nature of running, the Dare run collection features the perfect mix of support and comfort to deliver distraction-free performance.

I chose to order the Dare Cross-Back Bra from Zappos and used my rewards membership to get free expedited shipping before our trip to the Bahamas. It provides high-impact support, perfect for runners who want the ease of a pullover bra but the secure fit of built-in cups that most pullover sports bras don’t provide. 

I was excited by how comfortable the Dare Cross-Back Bra felt while wearing and how easy it was to pull on and off even after a sweaty cardio workout. 

I often shop on Zappos for their quick, free delivery and amazingly easy 365 return policy. In addition to the bra I also grabbed a pair of Brooks Greenlight 7’ Short Tights and the Brooks Glycerin 18 running shoes. I was excited about the bra, but to be honest, I LOVE the shoes and shorts JUST as much. I am not exaggerating. These shoes feel like you’re running on clouds. They have quickly replaced my previous pair of go to running shoes and are my number one pair. I have relatively flat feet, and these provide just enough support. Most importantly, they give me a spring in my step, returning some of the energy from my foot when I pound on the pavement. If you’re looking for a new shoe I highly recommend these. 

In addition, these shorts are a must have for the spring and summer with a flattering high waist and pocket for your phone on the side. These are going to quickly become my go to pair for working out. I did not own a faltering pair of shorts until now to be honest! I actually thought this biker look was not flattering until now as well! I think I need at least 2 more pairs. 

Did you know?

Research shows unsupportive sports bras have been holding women back for years, reducing their stride by 4cm with every step. 4cm? That doesn’t sound so bad. But over the course of a marathon it’s the equivalent of running an entire extra mile. No thanks. Brooks calls this the Hidden Mile and Brooks created Brooks Run Bras to end it for good.

The new Dare running bra collection comes in six new styles that share a sleek, modern aesthetic and a soft, protective feel. Each one has fixed, molded cups that provide support with bonded seams and hidden bottom bands reduce chafing. These bras are a beautiful combination of art and engineering. As a collection, they offer every woman the opportunity to run in perfect comfort.

I know these days it’s tough to determine authenticity when reading sponsored blog posts, but this collection is something I am so excited to share with you guys because I truly do love each piece. I still love the Juno if you’re nursing or are larger than a size D, but if you want or need something that feels less like a straight jacket for your chest, these are a good alternative. 

This post is sponsored by Zappos and Brooks. Don’t forget, signing up as a Zappos rewards member is free and will get you free expedited shipping and rewards points on every purchase!

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