At Home Workouts Quarantine Edition

Home workouts have never been more popular now that most of us are stuck at home. If you have a full gym already in your basement, lucky you! Many of us even though we create home workouts for a living, have still preferred to go to an actual gym so this is an adjustment.

Yesterday, I hosted a LIVE 30 minute workout on Instagram LIVE. You can watch a replay of it here. I used 8 lb dumbbells and am SORE today. I’m hosting another similar workout tomorrow, Friday 3/20 at 9:30 AM on Instagram LIVE using medium dumbbells as well as a quick kid friendly routine at 9 AM that will be just bodyweight.

Here are some of my favorite full length workouts to date that I’ve shared on my blog over the years. I’ve broken them down by time they take to complete and what equipment you need! However if you’re not sure where to start, here is a combination of videos for a full body workout using just a pair of light dumbbells for the arms. No other other equipment is needed.

Start Here:

Start first with this 5 Min HIIT Express: Quiet Cardio.

This video will get your heart rate up without waking up your family or neighbors.

Then move on to this 10 minute arms workout using 2-3 lb dumbbells or bottles of water or cans. If you’ve ever done Bar Method, it’s essentially a knock off of the arm portion of class! Super hard.

Next, move on to booty. This is a killer 12 minute series that to date is still one of the hardest, I’ve done! It follows a pyramid style workout and by the end you’ll be ready to move to the floor.

Finish with my go to ab series that is postpartum safe. This is a 10 Minute Everyday Abs Routine.

Want some extra cardio? Try this extra 5 minute HIIT Express that is not “quiet” but hopefully the family is awake by now 🙂

Here are some more of my workouts that I love:

Postpartum Workouts

10 Minute Postpartum/Low Impact Full Body (Bodyweight)

10 Minute Postpartum Abs Workout (Bodyweight)

10 Minute Nap Time Full Body Postpartum (Dumbbells)

Prenatal Series on Audible and MoveWith: This series featured 12 20-minute audio workouts. Get a free 30-day trial using this link.


10 Minute My Everyday Abs Routine (Bodyweight, Postpartum Safe)

No Needles Tummy Tuck Pilates Ab Routine with Jenn Phelan

Pilates Flat Abs Skinny Minnie Mid Section with Jenn Phelan

10 Minute Ab Blitz Pyramid Workout

Flat Stomach 10 Minute Core Workout (Bodyweight)

Arms Workouts

Jessica Simpson Wedding Day Arm Workout

Bachelorette Slimming Arm Routine

If you love Bar Method or Barre, try this 10 minute arm sequence. You’ll need one set of light dumbbells.

Other Follow Along Workouts

Black Friday Bootcamp Workout – Full Length, Follow Along! No equipment

Ten Minute Toning Circuit for Fashion Week – Full Length, Follow Along! No equipment.

10 Minute Damage Control Body Weight Cardio Workout

10 minute Postpartum Ab Workout 

5 Minute SFit HIIT Workout – Bodyweight, Total Body, AMRAP

5 Minute HIIT Express Lift Your Booty

10 Minute Energizing Yoga Flow

10 Minute Gym Free Booty Tone and Lift

13 Minute Slimming Resistance Band Workout – Total Body

10 Minute Hotel/Vacation Workout – No equipment

5 Minute Quiet Cardio HIIT Workout for Apartment Living or Dorm Rooms

5 Minute Morning Metabolism Booting HIIT Workout

Kim Kardashian Glutes in 7 Minutes

Postpartum post natal ab safe workouts
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