My Trip to NYC & BexLife Collaboration Video!

I love New York City in quick doses so when DietBet asked me to come down for a little brainstorm session, I of course accepted! I went down a day early so that I could see a few of my “In Real Life” blog friends. Rebekah Borucki, aka BexLife has become one of my favorite people and we decided a few months ago that the during my next city visit we would shoot a collaboration video. So, that is exactly what we did. Watch the video below to follow along with me in NYC for the day and learn about what Bex’s 5 favorite things in life really are!

For the 3.5 hour train ride down on Wednesday, I brought along a salad, berries and Mini Babybel White Cheddar.

IMG 3613

Before boarding I picked up a Go Raw Live Foods Spirulina Energy Bar at Juice for later in the day. Spirulina is one of those foods I sometimes enjoy and other times cannot stand. EnergyBits are made purely out of the magical sea ingredient that promises sustainable non-crashing like energy from 100% organic and natural ingredient so I decided to give a shot. I ended up saving the cheese for before yoga and eating the bar on the train.

IMG 3614

The bar was crispier than the other Go Raw Live Food granola bars I’ve tried. When I got off the train, I headed over to Veria Studios to meet Bex. She recently shot a her own TV Show called “Got Zen” debuting TOMORROW at 8 am. Check your local TV listings to see if you get Veria. I sadly do not as they are not with Comcast or Direct TV however, RCN and Verizon Fios do carry the channel! They episodes will be available online as well. Learn about more cool shows they have to offer in the video above. Hint, one of them is Bex’s favorite.

IMG 3616

Bex had a few voice overs to finish but afterwards, we sprinted over to Strala Yoga. If you watch the video, you will see how stressed Bex is as we were running pretty late and couldn’t catch a cab. We finally took one of the unmarked black vehicles and were charges $30 for a 2 mile cab ride! Strala is the yoga studio owned by Yoga celebrity Tara Stiles.

IMG 3617

Tara and I have been making YouTube videos since 2006! Not together, but we were both a part of Next New Network’s Click Fitness back in 2008. We had never met before so it was fun to finally to finally meet in person. Bex used to teach at Strala and obviously knows Tara well as a result.

Strala Group

Theodora (Losing Weight In The City) and  Katie (Hungry-Runner.com) also joined us for the Relax yoga class. After my first UXF on Monday and another new class on Tuesday, the hip opening focused flow was exactly what I needed and wanted. I miss yoga. The music was modern chill music vs centuries old sitar style. We did most all of my favorite yoga stretches that are typically prescribed to runners. She gave us a few minutes to do our own thing which I used to do more hip flexor opening.

I almost fell asleep during Shavasana so I think the class successfully relieved any stress from the taxi troubles.

Tara’s strong class is the studio’s signature so if you want a challenge and less traditional spiritual yoga class, definitely check it out. I remember doing one of Tara’s sequences with Brooklyn Decker from a DVD and sweating profusely within the first 10 minutes.

Afterwards, in the hallway, Bex and I filmed a video with her called “4 minutes with Sarah Dussault” where she spit fires questions at me. You can see how I did on her channel later today. We shot my video throughout the visit and then finally at dinner over margaritas and mojitos.

Thursday I worked out of my friend Kristy’s building which had the nicest gym I’ve ever seen in an apartment building. It literally rivaled Equinox. I’m not sure why I didn’t take a picture. I tried out a new interval workout on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then jumped on a spin bike for one song, Sweet Nothing by Calvin Harris with Florence Welch. It is my favorite song to spin to.

Afterwards, I headed to my DietBet meeting were I shared what all of your guys like best about the games and what new options I think my players would love. I’m excited about the new features and I think you will be too including a maintenance phase after the game wraps up! My next DietBet starts in a few weeks and will end the Wednesday before Memorial Day begins. You can sign up here.

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