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  • Treacle234

    Is this your fridge? Who nice. I couldn’t eat that much yoghurt on a weekly basis. I believe the last time I had it was in March. I only consumed that because I got a whole batch for free.

  • megan

    Hi Sarah,

    Where did you get your watch from? I’m looking for something that will count miles and calories. Does it show heart rate too? Thanks

  • Leila

    I find plain greek yogurt mixed with stevia to have a really unpleasant aftertaste. I can’t even get it down. My solution: I add one teaspoon of agave nectar (20 calories) to a 6 oz container of plain greek yogurt, mix it in, and it tastes amazing! No funny aftertaste and just the right sweetness. You should try it!

    I also think plain greek yogurt tastes great with a cup of defrosted mixed berries (I buy mine at Costc0) because of all the juice that comes from defrosting the fruit.

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