My Ultimate Baby Registry Guide 2018

Registering for your first baby is overwhelming. I kept asking people for suggestions but tried to be a minimalist, and ended up with a few hits but ultimately, I returned a few things and then bought things with my store credit as I learned what kind of baby Tommy was and what I truly needed. This was a much better use of our and our friend’s money.

I am not registering for baby #2 but there are quite a few items that I still want to buy and wish I had for Tommy. Obviously there are things we need that we didn’t for Tommy, like a double stroller.

Before you Register

When is your baby due? How big do you think the baby is going to be? A lot of you won’t know the answer, but I knew Tommy was going to be big from the many ultrasounds I had. Newborn is for a 7 lb baby and Tommy came out at 9. He had one newborn outfit that he wore once. It’s fleece so Tommy’s brother won’t even be able to wear it.

Do not register for newborn sized clothes unless you are sure your baby is going to be small or early.

Take into account the size of swaddles, the material they are made of and the season they are due.

You will need a swaddle. We bought a variety because we didn’t know which ones Tommy would like best. I don’t think I realized swaddles came in sizes and I definitely didn’t take into account registering for a medium fleece sleep blanket that Tommy would have fit in the summer. Fleece is too hot for summer. I also registered for a newborn swaddle that he was too big for with a onesie underneath. It will be perfect for his brother this summer though!

Are you planning to breast feed?

I exclusively breast fed a boy who never took a bottle. When I travelled, he had to take one but honestly, we used a sippy cup as soon as we could because he never really enjoyed the bottle. I never used 90% of the bottles I registered for. If you’re going back to work, this obviously doesn’t apply to you but no one said anything to me about this. If you aren’t going to nurse, you won’t need some of the items I listed below. This is a judgement free zone. I’m not judging, just sharing what I learned the first time around.

Just because a product has good reviews on Amazon doesn’t mean your baby will like it!

There are a lot of expensive products out there. Some babies love them, Tommy hated them. Tommy refused to sleep in the Halo Bassinest or chill in the Mammaroo. He, on the other hand, loved the Baby Bjorn Bouncer which he tested out at a friend’s. We didn’t buy it back then, but we might for the next one. My tip here is to try buying these items used because chances are a mom paid full price and now has barely used $300 baby gear taking up space. Local mom boards on Facebook are great, I use Garden Moms in Boston.

Without further ado, here are a few of my favorite items that I LOVE and think are worth the money. Some are expensive, but putting a price on sleep and sanity is hard to do.

My #1: Fisher Price Rock n Play

This is a must for us. Everyone I know has loved theirs. Tommy slept in his for like 4 months. We bought the version that doesn’t rock but my sister has the automatic and Tommy slept so much better is that one! It’s a #1 seller on Amazon for a reason.

Out of everything we had, this was the most useful for us when Tommy arrived. I did not register for one stupidly but I made Nick go out and pick one up a couple of days after we learned Tommy preferred to sleep on an incline.

The rest below is some of my favorite must haves, things that we loved and things I want to buy for this baby.

I included a few things that we own and I like but I’m not in love with. That includes our monitor. The battery dies quick! I’m thinking of getting a Nest or another camera that isn’t necessarily for just babies. I’d also like to be able to spy on him when I’m traveling. When certain people watch him, they never send me updates and I get sad.

I did not include diaper rash cream or pacifiers because I don’t think it’s entirely necessary to register for those. Same with bubble bath or other bath essentials. People likely will just buy them for you. My favorite sunscreen for babies is ThinkBaby but you don’t need it until the baby is 6 months old. You’ll probably lose it before then so wait to buy it later.

Also, don’t register for blankets, likely people will buy them for you. Also missing from here are black out curtains! Make sure you measure your windows to get shades that cover the entire window!

If I missed something below that you think is a MUST HAVE share it in the comments.

My Ultimate Baby Registry Guide 2018

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  • Jennifer Coats

    totally agree about the shusher! worth every penny! I didn’t buy this changing table pad for my baby but will definitely get it for baby #2. in those first couple months when you worry if they are getting enough breast milk it would have been so great to be able to weigh him before and after feeding like they did at the lactation clinic

  • Mariève Gignac

    For our second baby I bought a silicone manual breast pump milk saver for 20$. It’s amazing!! While you breastfeed your baby you have some letdown on the other side as you know and you I saved up to 2-3 onces per feed !! Without truly pumping. It’s amazing, amazing reviews on amazon and so cheap. And yes baby wearing is a must! Lifesaver for our first and ever more with our second, 16 months apart

  • Shannyn

    We decided to nix a traditional baby monitor for a home security type situation and it was and is the best thing ever. We have a box that can record if we want (on a closed system, not stored in a cloud, which I prefer) and have one camera downstairs as security and one as our baby monitor. I met a friend for a drink the other day and was able to peek in on my sleeping son on the app while my husband was home with him. We use the brand Amcrest and bought everything on Amazon.

  • Annie

    You might want to actually make a registry for the stuff you need this time around and just not share it. Many places offer 10% discount when you ‘finish the registry’ aka buy stuff off of it after it has been around for a certain amount of time. I’m not having a shower for my second (due in September) but will probably register on amazon for the discount.

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