I’m trying to motivate myself to run 12 miles this afternoon and decided to share with you what I have created, a new 2015 workout playlist to get your legs moving. 

Since I teach 6 classes a week and rarely listen to the radio, I feel out of touch with what songs people are sick of and which ones are considered new. As an instructor you want to have new playlists for each class but it gets hard! I’m sick of Bang Bang too but I like this new remix I found on Spotify.

I also don’t mind running to slower songs but can’t play them in class because a HIIT workout to “Bed of Lies” might be awkward… 


What is your favorite song of the moment? Mine is Bed of Lies by Nicki Minaj as noted above 🙂 

New Playlist For 2015 Spring Marathon Training

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  • Jessica

    I’m currently training for the Houston Marathon (2 weeks 2 days away!OMG) and I found audiobooks to be the most amazing thing for my long runs! The public library has every book imaginable for FREE!

      • Jessica

        Yes Please by Amy Poehler was pretty good. I like listening to books that don’t require too much thought -- the Andy Cohen and Brandi Glanville books are pretty funny if you’re into them/The Real Housewives.

      • Maria

        I’m listening to Born to Run right now while marathon training and it’s great. Super motivating and makes it seem like my little training run in such a piece of cake. (It’s about ultra runners who run 100 mile ultra marathons like it’s no big deal.)

  • Jenni

    I love You & I by Crystal Fighters and Sweet Disposition by the Temper Trap for running…also Ribs by Lorde is good for running too if you can deal with a little “calmer” feel! 🙂

  • Michelle

    You should definitely do a few runs with L Street in South Boston. The people, the new planned routes each week, and the water stops are the best! Made my fall marathon training so much better. Good luck with your training!

  • Ellen S

    I love Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon! I’ll also admit that Ariana Grande and One Direction are guilty pleasures.

  • Lauren

    I love Bed of Lies, but I am currently obsessed with Masterpiece by Jessie J. It has fast verses and a slower chorus, so awesome. Also, Lips Are Movin by Meghan Trainer is a fun one.

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