I am not big on New Year’s resolutions, mainly because along with the rest of the country, I find it hard to stick to them. Instead, I set goals for myself. In 2015, I have set a few goals so far. The first one will hopefully be achieved by April 20th. The second I hope to hit by April 20th. The last one is to ignore the trolls on YouTube.

I already mentioned that I was running the Boston Marathon and my goal is to run it in less than 4 hours. I ran Chicago in 4:17 feeling under the weather so I’m hoping to shave off a whopping 17 minutes. It’s a stretch, I know.

In my newest video on YouTube, I read aloud a few negative comments my videos have recently received regarding my appearance. If you know me in real life, you know I do not take these things personal. These negative comments do not bother me at this point (usually). I make videos, I put myself out there, I choose to eat dessert and drink alcohol. I do however find it disturbing at how distorted people’s views are on what healthy looks like. I took these negative comments as an opportunity to share what realistic, attainable and maintainable goals can and should look like just time for your own resolutions. If you expect to look like a fitness magazine cover girl by March, you are surely going to fail as the models themselves have been helped with a little Photoshop and do not look like that in real life.

That being said, I have an exciting year planned thus far and want to look and feel my best. While I don’t think I need to lose weight, I’d like to lose 4% of my current body weight before a shoot that I have coming up which is about 5-6 pounds. These are vanity pounds and I want to lose them for myself – not because haters told me I should. To hold myself accountable, I’m telling all of you guys. If you are looking to shed a few pounds in January, I invite you to join my DietBet challenge.

DietBet Stats

Join my DietBet

This will be my 9th DietBet, but unlike the past few games, I will be playing with you guys and providing diet plans through my app that I plan to also follow. It starts next Tuesday, January 6th and is $35 to join. If you lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks, you split the pot with the rest of the winners. My games have a combines 53.84% success rate and over 28K pounds lost! Be a winner this time around and make some money while you lose.

To join, simply sign up here and wait for the weigh in instructions to be sent to you next week. If you have never joined a DietBet, leave your question below. Payouts are sent via PayPal after players have sent in their final weight.

For the record

I wanted to do a video to promote my 2015 DietBet. I thought reading the negative comments regarding my weight would be a funny way to do it. I am not “butt hurt” (to use the words of my favorite Laguna Beach alumni) over the troll feedback. I just think it’s comical how ridiculous anonymous people can be in online forums. This video was shot for entertainment and not to whine out loud. Kind of like, celebrities read mean tweets on Jimmy Kimmel but I actually defend myself because I am defensive and want to stand up for other fit ladies who don’t care to be a size 2!

As I admitted above, one of goals for 2015 is to not let the infrequent negatives comments gets to me. For as many positive ones I read, there is always one that hurts every so often. The ones that hurt usually hit on a personal insecurity. I know not everyone is going to like me, but being happy from the inside out is what matters most to me.

Cheers to 2015! What’s your resolution or goal?

Reading Mean Comments on YouTube

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  • Ashley @ A Lady Goes West

    Hi Sarah! Haters gonna hate! You are doing what you love and inspiring others, to those with negative things to say should not matter. But easier said than done, I’m sure. Your marathon goal is awesome! Good luck with that! I’m not sure I have any resolutions, although I have a goal to get fitter, teach new group fitness formats and continue to grow my blog and writing. Here’s to a great 2015! 🙂

  • Claude

    Your video is right on! Amazing how clueless, ignorant, and vacuous air heads can be! You’ve got an awesome body with no added parts, something out of reach for all these trolls. You’re doing a massive service educating America, and you are doing so by example, your body! Even more important, is the physical ability your body graces you with, running, cross fit, spinning; all that great stuff that will give you a long, healthy, and disease free life. Trolls just don’t get it, they’ll never see past their noses and their twisted and shallow notion of what is to be revered: eye-candy.
    But then, what do you expect of nation who criticized Gabby Douglas for having her hair in a bun! What? She just won individual all-around Olympic Gold, she inspired millions of young girls all around the globe, and She’s American born and bred; how myopic!

  • Hal

    Totally agree with not letting the haters get to you, but do you realize how hypocritical this video is? You’re saying you don’t want to let the negative comments get to you, yet you read each one and justify why they might’ve said that or justify your body. It’s making it seem like you really do let these people bring you down. It would’ve been more positive if you just read he comments instead of desperately justifying yourself. That’s what they want from you!

  • Kelly M

    You’re one of the best fitness people I follow!! I love your videos and suggestions for achieving better health!! I also appreciate that you have a life and occasionally indulge. Thanks for all you’re hard work. It helps people like me become fitter and have a realistic attitude about it.

  • Morgan

    Hey! Excited to sign up for the diet bet group! I think it will be the kick in the butt I need 🙂 It will still work outside the US (I live in Canada)?

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  • John

    Finding balance and occasionally indulging is such a big part of being successful at leading a healthy lifestyle. I definitely consider you a shining example of how it’s done and someone that more people should follow. While your site is more for the female demographic, i have visited your site many times and enjoyed the practical advice and tips you give. Those people would never say those things to your face but because they can hide behind a screen, they feel empowered to voice their negative comments. You’re doing great work & don’t need to change anything. Much success & happiness in the new year!

    P.S. Speaking as a guy, you truly are beautiful regardless of what end of your 10 lb. fluctuation zone you’re at!

  • Nic

    Haters gonna hate! Way to not let other people’s body dysmorphia effect you! I honestly just see these negative comments as yet more evidence on how people’s view of the body is horribly distorted due to our media. It’s important that people like you keep your attitude. Healthy looks like many things and you are one of them!

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