New Years Eve Hangover Breakfast Cures

Ever since I turned 27 years old, I’ve become that girl who feels tipsy after a glass of wine and a hangover after 3. This New Years Eve, I do plan on having a cocktail or two but have learned from my mistakes that a greasy breakfast doesn’t cure-all. I crave salty foods after I drink, so a protein pancake, greek yogurt or bowl of oatmeal will never satisfy. A kitchen sink omelette is usually my go to.

Typically, I use 1 egg and 2 additional egg whites. Beat them together and add in some milk (I use unsweetened almond milk since that is what I usually have in my fridge). At the same time, I sauté any veggies that I have left over from the week. Usually I’ll have some onion and another longer lasting veggie option like sun-dried tomatoes that I keep on hand for circumstances like this. After the onions are lightly browned, I add them into the egg mixture. Re-spray the omelette pan and add the mixture. This week, I also had ham left over from Christmas so I added it on top along with portion controlled cheese. I usually have Mini Babybels on hand for on the go snacking but it also melts perfectly in sandwiches and omelets. Set on medium, I let the bottom set and then fold the omelet in half.

Roomie has always loved my omelets. I’m not sure why but I think it’s because they always look pretty. That is the OCD in me. I wish it would come out when it came to cleaning my room. Avocados were on sale at the store this week, so I added some on top. I’m recently obsessed with avocado. I can put it on anything.

 In Boston, most restaurants do not have avocado in their omelets. This is something I discovered while in Los Angeles. I really wish Boston had more health conscious restaurants. In CA, everything is fresh and comes with avocado. NYC has similar options.

 Of course no omelet in my book is complete without ketchup. I use organic brands like Organicville or Trader Joe’s because they do not use high fructose corn syrup. After a night of cocktails, my body always craves a red sauce and since eating pasta or pizza is not traditionally served for breakfast, I must have ketchup with my eggs and potatoes… or a Bloody Mary.

Mmm. The cheese really gets ooey-gooey good I only added 1/2 of a Mini Babybel because I wanted to save the other half for another omelet later in the week and I’m not sure I’ll have time to make it the store. I use a Laughing Cow wedge sometimes as well with my eggs, but the Mini Babybel Light just melts so perfectly. Have on its own or pair with a piece of fruit or toast.

If you don’t have these ingredients on hand, you can use whatever you have on hand. Eggs are excellent for hangovers. “Eggs provide protein to help stabilize blood sugar, while the cystine in protein may help break down toxins, ” according to Rodale contributor Leah Zerbe.

Other foods that I regularly use to cure hangovers include toast with jam, coconut water and bananas. My go to order at any diner is an omelet with toast and jam. It works every time as long as I can pull my act together enough to realize when I’m full. Overeating makes me feel hung over all over again.

What kinds of foods cure your hangover best? 

My biggest mistake when it comes to nursing a hangover is taking Advil on an empty stomach. Do not do it. If you feel that bad, force yourself to have a banana or slice of toast. Otherwise, it will only make you feel worse. Take my advice on this one.

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