New YouTube Series Debut: FITSPO

Today is the debut of my new series on YouTube called FITSPO.  The first episode features Jen Phelan, a popular Pilates instructor in Boston.

What is FITSPO? 

My new show focuses on personalities in the health and wellness world.  From following a dream, inspiring others or simply having an unconventional job that helps them live a healthier lifestyle that purpose of the show is to enable your passion for healthy living.  I’ve had many people ask me how I got started and the people I’m choosing the showcase on this show, I feel have valuable information that most of my readers will find intriguing.

Fitspo is a term used in the blogsphere referring to fitness inspiration.  From pictures to quotes, fitspo is all over the internet like this Nike motivational quote.

I’m excited to profile my favorite healthy living bloggers who inspired me to start my own and some of my favorite trainers.  There are so many cool jobs in the health and fitness fields but so many people are clueless as to find them.  Truth be told, many of us created our paths and I hope FITSPO inspires you to do the same or introduces you to someone who may help you achieve your goals.

The first part of Jen’s episode is a little bio on who she is.  On Friday, get excited for Part II, the workout we did together.  Subscribe to my channel to get notified when it’s live.  Holy cow was it challenging and boy did my legs burn!  I now know why her Pilates classes require advanced sign ups and have a max capacity that is always met.  She is known to pack in over 70 guests on rainy days at the Franklin Street Equinox.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some very successful entrepreneurs in the health industry before they hit big like Bethenny Frankel, Katrina from Tone It Up and now more recently Jessica Bergenfield who still stars as one of the trainers for Diet.com Video is going to be a trainer on the MTV show, I Used To Be Fat!  I guess I either have the magic touch, I know good talent when I see it or I’m just lucky.  I like to think I have a good eye for talent and that’s why I decided to start this series.  I hope you like it and let me know if you someone that might be a good fit for an episode!

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