Oakley Women Summit at Snowbird

The Oakley Women Ambassadors know how to have fun. I spent the weekend at the Snowbird resort in Utah with over 20 amazing women in the fitness and athletic industry. A talented group of personal trainers, professional skiers, base jumpers, stand up paddle board racers, yoga instructors, triathletes and entrepreneurs make up the fun bunch I was able to join. After arriving on Friday, we all met at the Oakley condo and received the gear that we would be testing on the mountain Saturday. Collage snowbird

The reason for the summit was to field test the products for the design and development teams as well as learn about the Oakley Women initiatives for the coming year. We skied for almost 6 hours on Saturday and I was never once cold despite being 13F at the lodge. I think the base layer, two jackets, mittens and helmet made the difference. The sun was out the entire time and it was actually 34F at the top of the mountain which was odd to me since back east the top is usually colder. I loved the long trails and variety of challenges on the blue squares. I think the lack of trees and wide trails calmed my usual jitters. I love to be in control but was able to go much faster than I typically go. It obviously helped that the snow was not as icy and made it easier to turn.

IMG 9585

Not all the ambassadors were skiers. I went with the intermediate group, but there were also beginners who took lessons and a few who went snow shoeing. Fellow Fitfluential ambassador, Amanda Brooks, on the left in the above picture, took some lessons and then took the tram to the top for the view. Most of us had slightly different outfits but were all pretty easy to spot on the mountain. My elevate goggles were my favorite piece of new equipment. I should have taken them off for the picture above but they worked amazing as sunglasses!

Collage snowbird2

Around noon we took a break for lunch. I’ve never heard of or seen a salad bar at a ski resort but we found one! Despite being $12.50 for a large plate (not by weight), I was a happy girl. I loaded up my plate with turkey, tabouli, hummus, beets, artichokes, lettuce, and grapes for a sweet treat at the end. We back on the slopes for a few more runs after eating before ending with a nice large beer. 2013 01 05 12 25 23

After our long day of skiing, we headed back to the Oakley condo to review our gear. I really didn’t have many complaints so it was awkward and hard to nitpick. As an occasional skier, my biggest complaints are usually in regards the how cold my hands and feet get which I didn’t experience. I did appreciate flattering my outer layers were. Most ski jackets and pants make you look enormous but I loved the pieces I wore. The jacket had a nice fitted waist and the pants actually flattered my behind.

Since I didn’t get to wear my cute beanie that matched my jacket on the mountain, I wore it to dinner which also matched my Oakley sweater. I felt like a nerd but of course took a picture to show off my color coordination skills.

IMG 9596

Sunday morning, we were treated to a yoga class taught by Lacey, also an ambassador, to stretch out our sore muscles. My calves were very tight which means, I wasn’t really skiing with proper technique but oh well! We got to wear some new 2013 Spring Oakley tops for the class but had to give them back afterwards. I was in love with the top Lacey was wearing.

2013 01 06 10 17 50

The back is really cool and would have been amazing for my BeFit 30 Day 6 Pack Abs videos series! Aj showed off the bright colored back. I had no idea Oakley made such fashionable tops! In addition, I also discovered my love for Coola Suncare products, an organic sunscreen and lip balm that tastes like vanilla peppermint bark and the low sugar Cashew and Ginger Kind Bars. Amazing.

2013 01 06 09 15 09

After our yoga session, we spent the rest of the day learning about each other and the Oakley products and future goals for 2013. I was one of really only 4 or 5 bloggers in the bunch. It was kind of nice but it also made me forget to take a ton of pictures! The ambassador program is more focused on influential trainers and athletes who work with lots of clients in their areas or compete in lots of races. It was inspiring to be around so many accomplished athletes. In training for my triathlon, I really want to do well and these women assured me that if I put the time and effort into it, I can do really well. You can read more about the ambassadors at Oakley Perform Beautifully Collective website.

Aside from the gear and amazing opportunity to ski out west, the best part of the trip was hanging out with the other girls. Never have I spent so much time in a weekend with a group of girls that I had so much in common with. We ate like lady athletes (aka a lot), drank a ton of wine, exercised because we love it, laughed until our stomachs hurt, and learned for each other. I think if the bars in Utah stayed open a little longer we probably would have taken over those as well. Weekends like this always remind me that I’m in the right field.

Have you ever skied in the west and the east? I can’t wait now to try going to Vail, Aspen, Tahoe or Jackson Hole!

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