Working at home can be so much easier in the winter. If you want a quick 30 minute booty call workout that tones your lower body, arms and abs, I have the perfect playlist. In total it is a 4 video series that will start automatically. If there happens to be a commercial, lucky you gets a quick water break!

I shot this video for the New Year Resolution season. I love the workout and have done it a few times the week first thing in the morning to start my metabolism. It included a warm up that is challenging and will get your ready to burn more calories and stretch so don’t skip it!

If you just looking to tone up your abs, check out my 30-day Six Pack Abs series I shot with BeFit. These videos are focused on your midsection and are only 5-10 minutes long.

You can also download the pdf monthly program to do with the ab videos found here. This is the video series I lost all the weight for and I’m pretty proud of how well they came out!

Also, congrats to Cara (the 11th comment) who won the Sparkly Soul giveaway!Screenshot 1:9:13 5:23 PM

At Home Workout Videos and Ideas

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  • Katie G.

    I just did this whole video series last night at home and i love it! My car broke down yesterday and wasnt able to make it to the gym so it was the perfect oportunity to try some of your videos!

  • Rs

    Hi Sarah,

    I love your videos. You are amazing! I had a suggestion. Can you please incorporate workout videos for 30mins or 45mins? Its easier to watch the videos and exercise at the same time, otherwise I get bored and lazy easily 🙁

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