People Do Not Like Lululemon Leggings Anymore, Here Are The Best Alternatives

The rabbit hole I fell into started like any other online shopping journey. In search of the perfect Christmas gift for my sister, I thought maybe I would get her a pair of Wonder Unders from lululemon. I still love my pair from 6 years ago.

Then, I clicked through to read the reviews of the pairs I liked…

lululemon reviews

lulu reviews

lulu ratings

Every single pair of pants/crops on the lululemon website mildly boasts an average rating of less than 3 out of 5 stars. Some had a rating of less than 2 stars! This shocked me. I thought people were obsessed with their lulus. Weren’t the pants made with luon what started the cult like following?

It turns out, the quality has taken a huge nose dive even after the see-through debacle was “fixed.” Yeah, I heard that already but I STILL thought people loved them. Allegedly if you treat them with TLC they hold up, but I haven’t hung my leggings to dry in about 5 years and all of them have held up so I think (along with everyone else) that lulu should too especially with their price tag.

I then remembered a pair of capri’s I bought to shoot with in LA. They didn’t hug my hips too tight so they looked great on camera. However, they would not stay up. That was the first time I wore them. They are now reserved for photoshoots only as they are entirely impractical to wear during any workout.




I admittedly only have two pairs of lululemon leggings, the ones above and a pair of Wonder Unders from 2010. I get sent workout clothes as a blogger and almost always those shipments include leggings. Some of my recent favorites have been Nike, Sweaty Betty, New Balance, Crane & Lion and Under Armour. I donate the pairs that do not fit or are not my style.

For this reason though, I rarely go out and try on multiple pairs to find the perfect ones. I’m not an investigative journalist researching what brands are best, although I wish I had the time! Luckily, I have you guys.

After asking my Facebook page if the lulu leggings really did suck or if reviewers were just butt hurt, I got a ton of feedback. Most of you agreed that the quality took a serious nose dive. There were also many alternate suggestions for better places to buy leggings if you want to spend the same amount of money.

Here are some of the top brands according to my readers that are similar in price point for the most part or a little less:

  1. Athleta (The most popular by far)
  2. Lucy
  3. Nike
  4. New Balance
  5. Lorna Jane
  6. Victoria’s Secret Sport
  7. Crane & Lion
  8. Carbon 38
  9. Prana
  10. Zella -> I have a pair and have worn them for years! I don’t workout in them though, they are my athleisure tights. Sold at Nordstrom only.

I have no relation to Athleta but I guess if you’re going to spend money on leggings, Athleta seems like a safe bet. I do still really like lululemon workout tops. I think they are super cute and fashion forward. I still shop there, just not for leggings.

If you want a frugal pair of leggings, check out Old Navy, Fabletics, Danskin Now or head to your local Marshalls, TJ Maxx or Nordstrom Rack. I have had great luck with all of these.

If you have a favorite that I didn’t list above, leave it below in the comments!

Note: This is not a sponsored post but some links above are affiliate links. Your purchases help support my blog. Thank you for your consideration. 

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