Athleisure Gift Guide For Under $20 with Danskin Now

Today’s post might be another gift guide but everything on it is less than $20! It is sponsored by my friends from Danskin Now available exclusively at Walmart. Danskin Now is fit for everything. Fit for working out, running errands, and even giving gifts!

If you live in Boston, you’ve probably seen me wearing my favorite leggings around town. Ya know when you first buy something and you wear it every day because you were too lazy the day before to put the article of clothing away? That’s the story of my life these days.favorite leggings danskin now

I realized that I was drawn to them after liking Nicole’s leggings in this video which are Lululemon. They look just like them but are only $10. That is not a typo. These leggings are $10. I wear them when I want to be comfortable and look cute.

If you know someone who wants athletic clothes or comfy cute athleisure wear, these would make a great gift.

I’m also in love with my Vintage Hoodie.  I got it a couple of months ago and it seems to be my go to piece to wear over a tank top on my way to a class. The fabric is really soft and lightweight but keeps me warm. It’s a good barrier between a sweaty tank and a winter coat after class, too!

boat Post danskin now

It makes for a great warm up piece but also cute enough to wear with jeans. I’m wearing the plush plum and it is also only $10, aka a steal!

Danskin Now Gifts

Other top picks include:

Capri Core Leggings $8  – These have 1060 reviews with a 4.5+ (outta 5) star rating

Active Performance Striped Raceback Tank $4 – I have this in black and love how loose it is. I wear it all the time.

Active Performance Color Block Jacket $11 – Features thumb holes, great for chilly runs.

The best part in my opinion about the line, and I haven’t mentioned this before, is that they also offer a plus size line. My most popular fitness video is currently a Plus Size/Beginner workout and I’m glad my friends doing this video, have even more affordable and stylish options on where to buy their workout clothes.

These Plus Size Dri-More Core Leggings have a 5 star review and are only $10.50.  I know buying someone else plus size workout clothes might be a touchy subject but wanted to share that these are out there. If you want to be supportive of a family member’s quest for fitness, grabbing them some gear to make them feel confident at the gym is a positive intention.

They also have a pregnancy line too. I was so hesitant to spend good money on fitness clothes when I was pregnant.

This is the same vintage hoodie I’m wearing above but for pregnant ladies. This maternity zip up is $14.86.

These are just a few of my favorite items from the Danskin Now line. Every thing is under $20! They have a ton of items. It’s hard to browse through all of them online.

What I love about this line is that is so inclusive and affordable. Whether you are plus size, pregnant, or want to save money, everyone should be able to feel confident in the gym. The clothes not only help you look good but they are also functional as well, wicking away sweat, holding in a little extra pooch up top and keeping you cool, warm or dry. Danskin Now is fit for everyone and especially fit for giving as a gift this holiday season!

This post is sponsored by Danskin Now. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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