Today might have been one of my favorite days of the year and that is saying a tremendous amount considering how bless my year has been thus far. Thanks to Dirty Water TV (the Boston TV show I work for on occasion), I was able to attend the New England Revolution Media Day.

There were three of us that attended from DWTV, Morgan, Breana and myself. We were assigned to the same team with a few other media professionals like radio personalities and local news anchors. Our coaches were players from the Revolution. Our head coach was Stephen McCarthy. He’s the tall dude in the white shirt and his hand on his belly below.

Unlike blogger events, I didn’t have to be attached to my phone the entire time tweeting but of course I snuck some in before we began. We were broken into 5 different teams. We played all the teams in games of 4 on 4 for about 8 minutes. We also participated in a skills challenge that consisted of dribbling, juggling and shooting.

To say I had fun in an understatement. Our field was tiny and it was pure cardio. I was very sweaty by the end even though it was casual and fun. I scored a total of 4 goals for my team! I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my skills came back to me even just wearing regular old sneakers!

I knew I missed soccer, but I didn’t remember how much fun I had playing it. Roomie suggested that perhaps I should join an adult league but I hate to admit I’m nervous to do so. I’m pretty competitive and to just join a random team would feel weird I think. I just may explore the idea though.

Have you ever played in an adult sports league?

Was your experience just as fun as it was in High School/College or not the same? I miss the pride you have when you play for your hometown. Then again, I think my competitive edge started to come out on the field. I feel like playing in a casual league takes away that element of passion. But I guess I won’t know until I try.

Playing Soccer With The Pros

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    • Sarah

      I agree! I feel like they are all at like 9 PM at night… which is not my ideal time to be running up and down a field :/ Kinda takes away the fun.

      • Kelly Runs on Cake

        ha! I’ve never really been one for team sports, but last summer I wanted to try playing on an intramural team and my main problem was that they all met too early for my schedule -- 9PM sounds perfect to me! I guess that goes to show how rough it is to work around a lot of people’s schedules!

  • Nic

    You should totally do it! Everyone I know who has joined an intramural team has no regrets. In, well, all their cases they’ve made really good friends, and in one case my friend met her future husband.

  • AmyC

    As a former soccer junkie, that would have been a dream event! I would love to play on an adult team, but after two knee surgeries I’m too hesitant. I did play a little adult indoor, but even that was a little scary. Now I get my soccer fix watching my step daughter play in the fall and of course following the professionals.

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