Plus Size/Beginner Workout 10 or 20-Minutes Long | No Gym, Cardio, Butt & Abs

My first Plus Size/Beginner workout video was highly requested a couple of years back and has since gone on to become one of my most popular workout videos. I decided it was time to follow it up with a newer version.

If you consider yourself plus size, this workout will be gentle on your knees. If the squats bother them however, the idea of the 30 second push is to do something that pushes you and is difficult. You could hop over your bench, do jumping jacks, walk up and down stairs, or my favorite boxing with quick cross body jabs

Do this video one time through for a ten minute workout or twice for a 20 minute workout. See below the video for a quick breakdown.

If you want to increase the difficulty add weights to the step ups.

Start with a light warm up by walking for 5 minutes or trying each of the moves a few times to get used to them before you begin.

Round #1

2-minutes Step Ups

1-minute Deconstructed Burpee

30-seconds Side to Side Squats, quick!

Round #2

2-minutes Step Ups with Standing Crunch

1-minute Deconstructed Burpee with Squat at the top

30-seconds Side to Side Squats, quicker!

Round #3

1-minute Toe Taps

1-minute modified Plank

To make this routine more difficult, add weights to the step ups. Turn the Deconstructed Burpee into a fast Burpee. Lastly, switch the side to side squat into a jump squat. For round 3, Instead of toe taps, try double leg lifts and a regular plank with your knees up!

If you enjoy the more beginner workout videos, let me know in the comments below. These videos do well on my YouTube channel so I’m trying to figure out what the right amount of intensity my viewers prefer!

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