VIDEO: Postpartum Ab Workout, 7-Minutes

It wasn’t easy and I really had to push myself hard to get back my abs postpartum. I hear after your second baby, it’s an entirely different story challenge.

I was pretty paranoid about developing diastasis recti, which is essentially when your abdominals separate down the middle. I had strong abs before getting pregnant and continued to do plank exercises throughout. I stopped doing crunches early and only did planks from 20 weeks until about 37 weeks.

At 37 weeks, I posted a photo in plank position and tons of people commented that I should be careful of diastasis recti. I honestly didn’t think planks caused it, but then when I thought about my stomach muscles essentially holding a bowling ball from dropping to the ground, it made sense. To my credit, I always engaged my core and never let my stomach “sag” down.

So if you have a strong core before getting pregnant and continue working on your core strength throughout, planks are safe to do while pregnant. If you do not have core strength, I would avoid doing them once the baby is over 2 lbs.

working out at 40 week pregnant

It’s crazy to think the photo above was taken exactly a year ago!

That being said, since I didn’t develop diastasis recti, I was able to get my abs back quicker than someone who was not as lucky. I started going to BTone Fitness which teaches the Lagree Method. This means I did a lot of planks.

Here is a sample DIY Abs Lagree Method workout you can do at home.

I wish I could still go to BTone because it is such a good ab workout but the class with babysitting is at the same time as Tommy’s morning nap.

Then I was trying the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide program to review which is NOT postpartum safe at all. The abs day always killed my back.

I can’t recommend against doing the abs in the BBG program enough to new moms.

I had to start with my own ab exercises and modified the workouts until I got stronger with these exercises.

This 7-minute postpartum ab workout is great for any new mom or anyone just getting back into fitness after having a baby, even if your youngest 1 or 5 year old. If you did develop a diastasis recti, these are safe to do but please take the easier modifications. Try doing it 3 times for 21 minutes of core work spaced out throughout the day if you are home on maternity leave.

I now take classes throughout the city and do not usually need to do any postnatal modifications.

Want a total body workout to do at nap time? Try this workout video. 

VIDEO: Postpartum Ab Workout, 7-Minutes

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  • Kerri

    Hi Sara i am a long time blog reader and youtube watcher! Please please do not take thia the wrong way. I LOVED your posts of workouts and recipes. As someone who does not have kids it has become hard for me to relate to your posts. I can 100% see how after a baby a lifestyle blogger would need to obviously change content. All I’m saying is I miss the hardcore workouts!! I hope this doesnt aend the wrong message. I simply wanted to let you know there are a lot of followers out here that miss the hardcore instructor Sarafit !!

    • Sarah

      Thanks Kerri for your feedback! I don’t take it the wrong way and appreciate your honesty. I’ve been struggling with what direction to take and all the mom stuff happens to get a lot more engagement. I try to keep the mom stuff to one post a week but sometimes campaigns like this collaboration have me doubling up. I plan to do more challenging fitness videos coming up!

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