Postpartum Arms + Abs Workout

I get a lot of questions about safe arm workouts postpartum that people can do asap. I would recommend waiting as long as your body needs but if you’re antsy, this one is a safe place to start. Post baby workouts are no joke. Do not start exercising again until your body is ready. While many say to wait 6 weeks, some may be eager to do so around 3.5-4 weeks.

For this workout, you’ll need a set of medium dumbbells. If any of the moves feel uncomfortable, stop!

I filmed this video 6 months postpartum but would approve someone doing this 6 weeks postpartum, omit the second ab twisting move though! This move is great to add back in but give your body at least 3 months before adding ab work back into your workout routine.

Looking for a full body postpartum workout? Here is one of my favorites.

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