Postpartum Update: Eats + Workouts + Birthday Fun

So I decided to start dieting on Monday and by dieting, I mean I only had one glass of wine and didn’t have any cupcakes or cookies. Success! Small steps one at a time.

My original goal was to be back at my pre baby weight by my birthday. That was March 23rd and I’m still not there. I celebrated my birthday with my girlfriends a week late at Sweetgreen. We sampled a bunch of their new menu items and seasonal salads. I highly recommend the seasonal Beets Don’t Kale My Vibe and the OMG Omega!


Of course, my friends brought dessert knowing how much I love sweets. These cakes from the South End Buttery were OMFG delicious. I gave the leftover cake to my friend Cate who is pregnant and brought home the 6 Georgetown Cupcakes SG got for us.


So of course, we ate the cupcakes. Nick had half of one and my mom half half of another. I guess that means I had 5 over the course of the week… which is why the diet started after they were gone. 🙂

I’m feeling good back in the workout world. I’ve been spinning twice a week at studios with child care and Pilates once a week. Finally, I was able to take class with Nicole Perry of Pumps & Iron last Friday in the North End. My abs were so sore for like 4 days. I haven’t experienced that kind of soreness in my core in a LONG time.


The photo above is obviously staged and Tommy is too long for the platform. But it’s cute, right?

As usual, we walked the 1.6 miles from home to the studio. Tommy loves the UPPAbaby mesa car seat that snaps into the Vista stroller so I have nothing to worry about during long walks. He’s just giving me the finger in the picture below because I stopped the stroller in the middle of the street to take a picture.

IMG 2412

We popped into Cocobeet on our way home and picked up some snacks including a post workout acai bowl. I also grabbed lunch and breakfast to eat before my Saturday long run.

IMG 2414

I also recently have been loving the Chobani Flips to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings. The salted caramel crunch is delicious and made with 2% greek yogurt which I love. It’s a great alternative to a salted caramel dessert that doesn’t wreck your diet.

Chobani Flips

On the weekends, I’ve been running regularly. The farthest is 8.5 miles. It was raining this weekend so I ran on the treadmill. I could only stand to run 8 miles despite wanting to do 9. It was so boring! I had to take a couple walk breaks because I needed to break up the monotony.


Oh yeah, I joined SnapChat. You can follow me by looking for my user name OfficialSFit… sarahfit was taken of course. I’m a little late to this game.

Before my run, I fueled up on my favorite chia pudding in the city that I bought at Cocobeet. I don’t know how they get it to taste so much better than everyone elses but I’m sure it’s not low calorie. It really is my favorite pre-run breakfast though as it gives me energy for days.

IMG 2428

Sunday night, I made a dinner that I saw on one of those Facebook videos for Eggplant Pizza. It was super easy and delicious. All I did was slice and salt the eggplant. Let sit for 30 minutes. Preheat oven to 400F. Brush eggplant with olive oil and roast in the oven for 25 minutes. Top with pizza sauce and mini mozzarella bites. Place in over for another 5 minutes of broil until cheese is melted and browned. It was heavenly.

IMG 2557

IMG 2558

Please excuse the gross cookie sheet, it was cheap and doesn’t clean well.

This is a great pizza alternative if you are gluten-free or eating low carb at night.

And now after a lovely warm Friday stroll, this is what our afternoon walk looked like on Tuesday… this is Spring in New England folks.

IMG 2455

Lastly, I’m excited to try out these new kicks from Brooks this week though on one of my runs! They are the new Boston Marathon Adrenaline GTS 16 aptly called the Nantucket for it’s preppy influence. Last year’s lobster kicks were equally as on point. You can grab your own pair here.

IMG 2427

Now that Tommy is 12 weeks, I can bring him to the gym for child care with more flexibility and not just at random studios that require reservations. This is nice for my running game and unpredictable sleep patterns that started to emerge this week. I just did 3 miles today as someone work me up every 2-3 hours… what happened to my good sleeper!? We apparently are in the midst of Leap #3 according to the Wonder Weeks app.

Since I didn’t hit my weight loss goal date, I’ve decided to forgo making another one. The weight will come off when it’s ready and I’m ready. Shooting more SFit gym videos really are the only thing pressuring me to do it sooner than later however I’m pretty sure the 4th of July will be motivation enough.

What’s worse, completing long runs on a treadmill or forgetting headphones for a long run?

Postpartum Update: Eats + Workouts + Birthday Fun

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  • Lauren Honeycutt

    I’ve been doing some treadmill runs lately and they ARE super boring. But I try to bring my phone with me so that I can watch shows while I run on my Netflix app or on Youtube 🙂

  • Jennifer

    Hi Sarah! My son is 12 weeks too and I’m running a 1/2 in May also! I’ve done a full marathon but didn’t run through my pregnancy as it was high-risk. I have LOVED getting back into running since 6 weeks PP. I just discovered your blog and relate to SO many things you write about right now. I definitely think running without headphones is worse although treadmill workouts are very monotonous. Looking forward to keeping up with your posts!

  • Bea Romero

    I know completing long runs on a treadmill is way worse than running a long run outside without headphones. The treadmill is just so boring!!! That being said, happy birthday! You share a birtday with my dad, my step-son and one of my aunts!
    I kinda envy the snow over there, here in AZ we’ve been up in the 90’s since the begining of March and I’m so tired of the heat! Can we please trade weather for like a month?
    I had a question about the eggplant pizza, do you wipe off the salt or drain the slices of eggplant after they’ve been salted? Were they salty tasting after baking?

    • Sarah

      I blotted the water with a paper towel but did not wash them off. They were slightly salty but I liked that. It wasn’t too much. I just sprinkled the salt though, I didn’t douse it.

  • Nina

    Tommy might be hitting the 4-month sleep regression early (my daughter did). It stinks when you’re in it, but it’ll be over within a few weeks. Good luck and take naps!

  • Olena@iFOODreal

    Sleep changes with age throughout first few years. It is up and down.
    OMG running on treadmill is the most boring thing ever for me.
    Coincidentally I started no wine and once a week treat on Monday. I need to lose some fluff I have gained fro mine. The problem is i is hard to stop at one glass, I need 2-3. At one I’m just starting feeling good, so what is the fun to stop. And with 2 kids I need my wine. So, I decided no wine till Apr 25th, my husband’s Birthday, and then treat myself. Then another 3 weeks w/o wine and treat. This way I can lose some fluff while exercising. I wasn’t so religious with m exercise and that is why I gained weight. Then I just have to maintain. Dreading this weekend lol. I sound like an addict.

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