Video: My 5 Favorite New Trader Joe’s Items

While they don’t have everything, Trader Joe’s has some awesome grocery items. They are always trying to stay on trend, with new products regularly appearing on shelves. My YouTube viewers love when I do TJ’s grocery hauls so today, I’m sharing a video that features 5 of my favorite new products you can buy at Trader Joe’s.

These are just 5 NEW products I’m in love with. I have many more. Let me know down below what items you’re currently obsessed with from Trader Joe’s.

Like my TJ’s hauls? Here is another one I shot last Fall.

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  • Katie @ The Budget Backpack

    I love the bags of organic apples. They’re consistently flavorful and small enough that they’re a perfect purse-sized snack. I’m also a big fan of all their frozen fruits- its so reasonably priced and the variety is great. I definitely monopolize the freezer in my shared apartment (sorry/not sorry).

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